We all dream of walking on a white sand beach with an exotic landscape but it’s not just the beaches that allow you to relax, refresh and enjoy the sun. The pools will delight those who are not a fan of algae and fish of all kinds that are found in the sea. In addition, pools, synonymous with freshness are now a full decoration of your garden but also those of the hotels you are going on vacation.

No matter if they are buried, semi-buried, cascading, outside or inside, the pools are a timeless luxury.

So here are my top 15 dream pools!


#15 Architect Pool

This pool a simple shape but leaving the ordinary, it perfectly matches with the garden, is THE pool that we all dream of having in our garden! Obviously the view that accompanies the pool is not for everyone, but we can still dream!

#14 Outdoor/Indoor  Pool 

Nestled in the heart of a forest this pool is both outdoors and indoors. In winter it will suffice to close the glass door to enjoy the warm interior part! Ultra original

#13 The cosy pool

 This small infinity pool along the river blends into its environment perfectly !! A dream *_* 

#12 Luxury indoor pool

Immense in a setting worthy of a luxurious spa, this pool will fade all infinity pools overlooking the sea! A new vision of luxury pool ...

#11 The original hall

Undeniable an original shape and design !! This pool is perfect both a few laps or a quiet chat with friends.

#10 A dream of transparency

Want a pool out of the ordinary? This pool with fully transparent contours is for you !!

#9 The Tahitian dream 

In a luxury hotel in Bora Bora, this elevated infinity pool blends completely into the blue ocean! An ideal resting place!

#8 Winter sports Atmosphere

Despite the simplicity of this pool, the framework in which it is giving us the impression of winter sports and go relax in the hotel's spa after a long day on the slopes ... .We love!

#7 The island of happiness

 In this pool in the center of Bali, you can relax in the middle of the water and enjoy a breathtaking view! A true haven of peace ...

#6 Excess!

This gigantic pool represents to itself the excesses of large US metropolitan ...

#5 Artistic pool

This pool of multiple shapes and colors is a real treat for our eyes! If only we could have that goes with the villa ....

#4  Natural Round Pool 

This pool with a rounded shape is completely natural and blends in with the decor straight out of a dream.... A little paradise!

#3 Suspended  Pool

The swimming pool suspended in the Balinese mountains offer you a change of scenery !!!

#2 Simplicity at its purest

In Greek caves, this pool you into a white paradise straight out of a dream! Like what simplicity is a safe bet.

#1 Infinity Pool

Directly on the sea, the pool is my favorite by far! Guaranteed exoticism.


What we love the most <3


The violin-shaped pool

I LOVE the way off side of this pool! Fans of music will love!

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