Thanksgiving  is fastly approaching and you might not be part of the lucky ones who will have the chance to go sunbathing on a beach paradise. Why not take advantage of these holidays and the greyness to re-decorate your home? Today I invite you to discover some of the most beautiful and breathtaking bathrooms designs you can find and that may give you some ideas to turn your bathroom into a peace oasis.

We dwell too often on the functional aspect of this room without thinking about the appearance. Your bathroom should be a place of pure relaxation! Whether you want a more modern decor, rustic, romantic, exotic, let your creativity flow and enjoy…


Here are the Top 15 bathroom designs that make me dream and makes me want to relax in a good bubble bath!

#15 La salle de bain minimaliste

Although very simple, this bathroom let us into a world of pristine white while sober that gives us the impression to be washing in the clouds. 

bathroom designs

# 14 The Presidential Bathroom

This bathroom is simple, functional but also very chic! I love the view ...


# 13 Nature atmosphere

This very natural color of bathroom imposes its originality! The nature lovers will adore …

# 12  Outdoors

I love exotic outdoor bathrooms! Of course it is better to have a second bathroom inside if you do not live in a tropical country ….


bathroom designs

# 11 The design bathroom 

You dream of an atypical bathroom? This answer your wildest dreams. Night club atmosphere into your shower!

bathroom designs

# 10 Princess bathroom

Ever wanted to be Cinderella in her beautiful palace? Why not start with the bathroom ?! These are particularly amazing ….

# 9 The bathroom with panoramic views

What’s better than taking a bath with a breathtaking view? I an a complete fan!

# 8 ZEN bathroom…

For a bath in peace, go for a Zen bathroom. Candlelight, background music, soft lighting, neutral color…


# 7 The romantic bathroom

The romantic bathroom is back! Male or female version, we love !!

# 6 The oriental bathroom

This bathroom is one of my favorites! Be transported into the world of Scheherazade … Guaranteed Travel.

# 5  The modern bathroom

These ultra modern bathrooms are worthy of a film. The paradise of the bathroom in modern times …..

# 4 The bathroom that opens onto the bedroom

This bathroom that opens to the bedroom is ideal for sleepy heads and lazy ones who will be walking just a couple steps to take a bath before work. I love the idea!


# 3 Duplex bathroom

This bathroom is very original while remaining organized and with a great design. I love its spirit and practicality …


# 2 La salle de bain rustique

A rustic cottage next to the waterfalls…  holiday atmosphere  in the mountains awaits you!


# 1 The Fashion Bathroom 

This bathroom very like “Sex and the City” will make all the fashionistas of this world to fall in love!

The one we <3 the most…

This bathroom halfway between the rustic and the modern, transports me and makes me travel out of time !!

So, which bathroom made you dream the most? 🙂

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