Throughout the year we have brought you tips to improve your daily life. Yes, Carla Bikini want that your you're well in consito, we all are really beautiful. But it must be fooled, Carla-Bikni girls also have many things to improve. Our team has prepared for you a small list of resolutions for 2016.  Sports, health, cinema or even literature, each "super girl" Carla Bikini has very good new year's resolutions. And as we do not sell bathing suits for nothing, each chose their favorite bikini that you would like to behave in the coming months. Maybe will give you ideas!

Carla Bikini takes excellent new year's resolutions 

Marine: the sports

My year 2016 will have lots of rhythm:


  • Eliminate cellulite and tone my body. For this I will run, I will make swimming and eat more balanced.

Also: Utilisare cream with caffeine, which is the miracle cure to all the stars of the moment malign.

  • Give me a day with the time series.
  • Sort all accumulated administrative roles: having a big house is great but you need to take the time to organize it. 
  • Use the cream anti wrinkle during the morning and afternoon and do it on a daily basis.
  • Accommodate and plan what will be my wardrobe with summer clothes. I would like to begin to buy the latest trends "Summer 2016", including a bikini Luli Fama who will buy it in Carla Bikini (you're addicted to bikinis or you're not, I'm it).

My dream bikini:

This gorgeous swimsuit from a piece of L * space that makes it dream. It is chic and sexy, I want to use it on the beach this summer.


Orlane: the lover of makeup


I want the 2016 to be a year of changes: 

  • Eat more fruit (clementines, apples, bananas…), is very good for staying in shape, especially in winter! 
  • Back to the gym at least twice a week. I'd like to start exercising again, involving cardio and weight training.
  • Improve my film culture; I am very fan of the series but it is necessary to take the time to know and see the classics of cinema.
  • Drive less fast (to consume less and prevent losing my license points haha).
  • Clean my car at least once a month (Yes, already it is, will be difficult to achieve this, at least for me).

My dream bikini:

Ethnic and chic, this is what describes this PilyQ swimsuit. Top is full of accessories that make it perfect and also its form maintains your breasts in place and makes them look beautiful. I am also a fan of small folds on the hips, very sophisticated!

pilyq bandeau san sebastian noir

Sixtine: the magician

The year 2016 it will be relaxing: 


  • Being less tired. For this I have to sleep more and sleep more early. It will be better for my health. 
  • Back to sport. I'd like to find the time to skate. 
  • Accommodate my small nest more often because I always leave it to the end, and fit it all at the same time is too difficult, better little by little and more often. 
  • Do not leave for tomorrow what I can do immediately (is that I am not the only one who has this problem)
  • Read again! I miss my couch to ask me the time to an hour or two and let me go to another world.

My dream bikini:

New Seafolly 2016 collection is simply magnificent. Each model is unique. Choose is really difficult, by my would have the entire collection.

seafolly leaves blue bleu

Carolina: the traveler

PocahontasFor the new year I'll let me surprise:

  • I'd like to create my own travel blog where I can tell about my trips, and Getaways abroad and inspire others.  
  • Do sports at least 3 times a week (be it is ambitious, I'm a little vague for this but it is really necessary to be fit and healthy)
  • Stop drinking soda. They have a lot of sugar and it is bad for the health and the line, nor do I drink much but it is better to avoid it and apart not much fits with the fact that I want to do more sport. 
  • Escape me and know a new place at least every 2 weeks, there are many places that know even close to home, then why not go to discover them. 
  • Talk to a new person every day. I love meeting new people, and hear what they have to say and their stories. It is very rewarding. 

My dream bikini: 

From Gigi Hadid led it since, I dream of this collection 2016 Seafolly swimwear. Its geometric designs and colors are so nice! In addition, its sporty appearance really would give me very well on the beach this summer in Costa Rica.

bikini-seafolly scuba kasbah nectarine orange triangle

Mathilde, the dreamer


In 2016, I follow my dreams: 

  • Take a long time for me. Take a NAP, relax, listen to music, enjoy a coffee on the terrace, simply do many things which I love but for which not always sack time.
  • Learn Russian. Having learned English, Spanish and Italian, I've decided that next year will be Russian. 
  • Make a roadtrip in Norway. I love wide open spaces and breathtaking scenery. I dream of sitting on the edge of the cliffs of Preikestolen.  
  • Do bungee jumping. Long ago I want to do it, this year will be indicated.
  • Eat more evenly. Although it is difficult, I am sure that in the long run it will be very good and I will see a difference. 

My dream bikini: I am the #1 fan of the new collection L * space. Its reversible bikinis are some real wonders and dream to bring it in summer. I also love the geometric print in pastel colors.

BLspace 2016

I hope that you're also full of goodwill for the new year. I'm looking forward to it on January 01, I am sure that in 2016 we have reserved many surprises… In addition, it is an opportunity to put an end to the small inconvenience of the last year and a new start. Anyway, wish you all a happy new year and hope that you also have many good resolutions.

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