You want to go and forget about couldy day? I have THE perfect destination for you. Whether traveling with your couple, with family, friends or alone, Mauritius will not disappoint. Relax and sunbathe in your brand new bikini on the dream beaches of the island. Taste the local cuisine largely inspired by Indian and Chinese cuisine with an exquisite taste! That said, beware of the extra kilos for some of these dishes, including dholl puri who takes refuge directly in your butt, but regardless, it’s the holidays SEIZE yourself! … You can stroll through the vegetable markets,  visit the traditional hindu and tamoul boutiques,  visit temples, do many sport activities and especially, enjoy everything the island and its people have to offer!

Mauritians are lovely people with heart on hand to make you have an unforgettable experience! This island is full of treasure, so come discover it with me!

# What to see…

The temples

Mauritius has no official religion but the majorities are Hindu or Tamil. So you can visit many Hindu and Tamil temples and see each one is more beautiful than each other.


The Tamil temples are extremely colorful and instantly draw your attention. They are the stories of Hindu deities like Ganesh and his parents, of the wrath of Shiva with his third eye decapitation Ganesh forcing him to have an elephant’s head …. It is a discovery on every centimeter these hand-painted temples.

Hindu Temples them, are more discreet, recognizable because of their white and red color. Very stylish!

The Tamil temples are by far my favorites  color and with all the beautiful sculptures of Hindu deities such as Shiva, Ganesh and Vishnu.

Ganesh is undoubtedly THE most sacred deity of the Hindu cultures. The stories about how he got an elephant head are extremely varied. One of the most told says that is when his mother introduced him to Shiva Parvati (his father) it réduisis his head to ashes with his third eye. While this version seems at least suspicious but it tends to say that it lives on the form in which Shiva and Parvati were at its special design makes me smile;) …..

The 7 colors of the land

In the city of Chamarel, you can discover these amazing colored dunes. A feast for your eyes!

Mauritius holidays

This volcanic land is naturally colored and even after all pigments blended together, it resumes its extraordinary colors.

Chamarel Waterfall

This waterfall is impressive and majestic at once. Nature’s beauty *_*

Mauritius holidays

Suitable for swimming, do not hesitate one second and dive into its waters, have fun and enjoy this magical setting!

The distillery of Chamarel

This is the best rum on the island! An obligatory stop during your stay in Mauritius.

For those who would not know, rum is an alcohol made from sugar cane. The strongest livers drink the pure, others will use to make popular cocktails like the mojito!
The spiced rum is my favorite! A mix of white rhum with spices. Delicious!

I’m thirsty !!

PS: Alcohol abuse is bad for health. However for stressed ones on the plane I am convinced that it will not hurt…

The grapefruit garden

This is the most popular excursion of the island, a journey of the senses. It is a true paradise on earth !! You can even meet the famous giant tortoises ….

jarin du pamplemousse

In this park you will discover species of beautiful plants, you will see the most enormous water lilies that you view, impressive trees dating back hundreds of years. A true paradise that you come away amazed. In addition you will see turtles whose size will fascinate you or scare you … Attention feet, as if crushed by the risk of these turtles leave a memory well beyond your stay.

L’Ile aux cerfs

L’Ile Aux Cerfs is one of the most beautiful sites of the island within the lagoon of Trou d’Eau Douce. An unmissable stop !! Lazing guaranteed …. A dream * _ *

île au cerf

This is one of the most stunning beaches on the island !! Whether you are with friends or family is THE unmissable stop your stay. Guests can eat freshly caught seafood while listening to typical Mauritian songs. A moment of intense relaxation and scenery where you can make everyone jealous of your gorgeous bikini …

#The local cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is a real treat! The return to French cuisine can be brutal ….

I’ll let you discover the dishes to taste absolutely during your stay. The regime wait for your return!

The chicken Briani

The chicken Brian is a meal is the traditional Muslim weddings in Mauritius. This is a relatively complicated dish to prepare but we can say that it is worth it. With these spice mixtures such statement dishes makes you travel instantly! We want more ….

briani de poulet

The halim soup

Although unappealing at first, this soup is a delight for the taste! A little pasty, this spicy soup and a real discovery.

soupe halim

The fish rougaille

This dish that can also be cooked with meat is delicious! Prepared with local tomato called the apple of love, this dish will definitely please you.


rougaille de poisson

La mine frite

Fried! !!! Okay, this dish is probably not your slimming ally for the holidays but after all, during the holidays everything is allowed, so to hell with the extra kilos!

mine frite

The fish vindaye

A fish cooked in spices accompanied by rice … A real treat .. But do not abuse the pepper, or you might not liked it,

vindaye de poisson

The poutou 

No, this cake has nothing to do with the buttons that can be done with friends or more… It is an Indian rice cake wrapped with spicy coconut is a flat to enjoy a good breakfast !! You will be sure to be rigged for the morning!



Le dholl puri <3

And yes I know: it adds 5 kilos just looking at it but it is the most delicious dish I have ever eaten! Forget the gym and lets feed your palate !!! This delicious pancakes is extremely greasy topped with spicy meat and vegetable !! A moment of intense happiness!

dholl puri

The alouda

This is a refreshing drink that is all the rage among Mauritians, with milk and agar jelly and basil seeds! With his unexpected texture, this drink is a real discovery! Moreover, it is an excellent cut makes it great for the one that would in the day after a frugal meal of dholl puri …



#The most beautiful beaches

Mauritius has the most beautiful beaches in the world ….. A hot sand and turquoise water paradise … Take your best bikinis!

Sand under your feet magical end, a clear water, majestic palm trees and a sun shot …. After a stay in Mauritius, find the gray French may be rather complicated!

After you made all that he had to see on the island, I propose to discover my top 10 best hotels in Mauritius!

#10 Paradise Cove Hotel & Spa 5

Spacious rooms, views of the gardens, this hotel has an undeniable charm!

#9 Touessrok

This hotel comes complete with outdoor magic where you can stroll and enjoy your luxury holiday!

#8 Movenpick Mauritius

An idyllic setting, an endless pool ... What more?

#7 Club Med La Plantation

This 4-Trident Club Med is one of the best hotel in Mauritius! I really like...

#6 Beachcomber Dinarobin Golf Hotel 

Beachfront with a huge swimming pool, this hotel is breathtaking !! It makes me want to walk along the sea and sunbathing all day ....

#5 Constance Le Prince Maurice

Perched on stilts your wonderful you will feel like real princes .... A luxury priceless !!

#4 Saint Geran

This luxury hotel will delight you! Perfect service, luxurious rooms, a view worthy of a fairy tale .... A little piece of paradise.

#3 The Residence

A colonial empire style room fall backwards! This shows us that a picture is worth a thousand words ....

#2 LUX Le Morne 

Unquestionably one of the best in Mauritius! A daydream ...

#1 Saint Regis

This hotel is the one I prefer! A princess canopy and the view that goes with it ... A must!


So, when are you leaving? 🙂

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