In October, the cold and the sadness start to establish and all you dream about is warm and vacations. Fort his reason, we propose you to travel with us, not in the tropics, but in different parts of the world where really nice and warm water awaits, the hot springs.

These places are a little or maybe completely unknown, and it makes the nature lovers hearts melt, and everyone who wants to pamper themselves a little and take care of themselves.

It was the Romans who discovered what we now call the “Spa” en places like Bath in England. Today, these places have been transformed to become touristic places filled with pura fun and pleasure.

So, we are going to discover these extraordinary places where you will find the perfect destination for your next holidays.

Ready to daydream?

#15 Pantelleria, Italy

“SEA, SEX AND FUN!” This natural source next to the sea, offers the perfect place to enjoy the warm water, the sun, and the nature. You will rest, 100% assured! 

#14 Ma’in Hot Spring, Jordan

In a landscape like Crocodile Dundee, you can enjoy this natural source in a magnificent surrounding, perfect to come here after a long day and after visiting the incredible attractions around the area. What a dream!

#13 Aqua Dome, Tirol

These hot springs have the traditional charm but not in the typical way. It is extremely modern but always keeping the shape of natural baths, one of the most expensive in the world! Luxury, tranquility, sensuality…

#12 Bajaran Hot Springs, Malasia

“Exceptional” Breathtaking scenery! Asia in all its glory …

#12 Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado (USA)

“My favorite!” These hot springs are definitely the ones that make me dream the most. A romantic place, in an ideal environment, what more could you ask for? You can stay in a cozy chalet, perfect place to be with your loved one… <3

#11 Les Bains de Széchenyi, Budapest

“Fun, fun, fun…”  How can we talk about hot springs without mentioning Budapest? With an atmosphere like no other, these baths have nothing to envy! 


#10 Les Bains Arabes, Granada (España)

“Magnificent!” These world famous baths, in an atmosphere worthy of the Arabian Nights will just dazzle you!


#9 Pamukkale, Turkey

“The place to visit!” This natural source of hot water is of incomparable beauty, is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

#8 Terme di Saturnia, Toscany (Italy)

“Fabulous!” This source of more than 3000 years old, is located in the heart of Tuscany right next to an old mill. It gives the impression of being immersed in a book of Pagnol. All of Italian clichés we imagine in one place.



#7 Chena Hot Spring, Alaska

“Ideal September to March …” This fountain in a forest is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the cold weather.

#6 Travertine Hot Springs, California (USA)

An inevitable stop during your stay on the west coast! This particular source of Californian origin will offer breathtaking views and incredible moments of serenity.

#5 Strawberry Hot Springs, Colorado (USA)

At the heart of a natural park, this source of hot water is a paradise for nature lovers with a cozy atmosphere guaranteed.

#4 Orakei Korako, New Zealand

This source is the best of New Zealand! Lost in the valley, all colors and decor will drive you mad.Let’s dream!

#3 Angseri Hot Spring, Bali

A new place in Bali! I admit that this place fascinates me and makes me daydream … look at this beauty * _ * This source has become sacred in Hindu rituals of the Balinese, who come to the fountain to purify their sins. I love!

#2 Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the countries where we found lots of hot springs. It is true that in this place I get particularly eager to swim and bathe in it.

#1 Le Lagon Bleu, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous hot srpings in the world, look at this stunning setting!, it’s easy to understand why it is famous. What better than water at 40 ° so that the ambient temperature does not exceed 12 °?

#What we love!

“Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan”

This source is the favorite place of Japanese monkeys! Do not hesitate to go to swim in the water with them … Live and enjoy!

These places have really made me dream! I want to visit all of them, and you?


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