We are less than one month of the day of love and friendship, * deep sigh *… love, love! …. It is a day during which we see love crazy couples! But me, as I would love to be able to share this special day with “the elected representative of my heart”. That it either to buy a special gift to your girlfriend, give ideas to your buddy or well just make you happy (because you deserve, simply), do not worry I found you gifts for Valentine’s day really tip top!

The secret is to know the person to whom you have Affairs. Of course, there is full of great gifts for the Valentine’s day, but we must be sure that it pleases. At your place, this year, roses and chocolates I leave them in the closet…

10 Valentine’s day gift ideas 


Yes I know, I said the chocolates to the closet, but they are not like the others. If you want to offer chocolates, make at least ensuring they are somewhat atypical! My chocolates favorite are the M & Ms custom, yes you read correctly! You can even go up to print a picture of you two on each M & Ms box which will be delivered to you. Not bad right? Okay, having his head on an M & Ms it is may not be the top of the top question self-portrait but admit that there are what create the surprise!

The best is that gifts for Valentine’s day, your M & Ms are delivered in a heart-shaped box, it’s too mignoooooon!

gifts for the Valentine's mms

For little adventurers

If she likes to travel, or that she loves maps, quite simply, then, this small gift like him much. For Valentine’s day you can ask that the map is heart-shaped (not romantic?). The idea is to put a map that represents a place that matters to you two. Alternatively, you can add a short message to a somewhat more personalized gift.

gifts for Valentine picture frame

To accompany breakfast

How about you wake up your half with breakfast in bed? For Valentine’s day it is anyway! It’s romantic, dripping with love, and that is not all! The must of the must, is to use a spoon with a small message cute to wake her gently… If you dare ever tell him how you feel, it’s time to make a statement too cute. You can make smile on the morning of February 14 and all the other mornings of the year! It will have the impression to have gifts for Valentine’s day every day.

gifts for Valentine custom spoon

A necklace custom

A necklace for Valentine’s day this is a classic, lovers engrave their name or the date of their meeting and Helen makes a beautiful gift. Yes, it’s nice, but it’s not original. Me, I offer you a unique custom collar: it contains gems that correspond to your month of birth and that of your lover. It’s not too cute? In addition, it really is a beautiful jewel, because you can choose to do either gold or Platinum. These necklaces are gifts for Valentine’s day, but you can also give it to a friend, a family member, a person who matters to you.

gifts for Valentine necklace

Give her a star

Attention, here’s a gift for diehard romantics: a star, nothing less! I warn you, it’s special, but have a star that carries my name I wouldn’t. Well, of course, cannot you unhook it for offer you it on a tray, but you’ll still have the small certificate with the exact position of this famous star. To go faster, there’s even a special app for that. Imagine, a romantic picnic with a telescope to admire a rain of stars seeking where yours. Some will think it’s ridiculous, but I find this idea of symbolic and really unusual gift. Of course, it isn’t as if you buy the star, the romantic side of the thing lies in the gesture more than in the object.

buy a gift for the Valentine star


Why not bring a little sunshine in your Valentine’s day? It can be fun! And then, with all the new collections arriving I am sure you could find your happiness… Nothing than to watch the new collections, I want to give in to the temptation… Seafolly, Banana Moon, Lspace, or PilyQ as many small wonders that I intend to make it fit in my dressing room shortly! In short, these bikini would be great gifts for Valentine’s day. To meditate…

His favorite music

Why not make a playlist with her favorite songs? A playlist it could listen to at any time, and that would give him a smile. You can prepare it on Spotify if you love these new technologies, but you can also just burn it to a CD and customize the packaging. It will make your gift even more special.

music gifts for Valentine


Although very cute, some gifts for Valentine’s day a gift personalized, it is still much better. If you offer to the person you love beautiful photos that remind him good memories is always better than an impersonal bauble. In addition if you prepare it nicely it will be even better! If your love love making pictures you can very well provide a Diana, it is a small device that makes retro photos to capture your best moments.

A plush, but not a gham trick!

This kind of gifts for Valentine’s day can go both to the girls and the boy. But beware, I won’t mention the traditional bear plush, but of a very special plush. Think about a character from one of his favorite series, a character in a film that he (or she) loves everything but the teddy bear. Unless this is TED! One of my favorite is that of R2 – D2, for fans of Star Wars. I’d have a small droid at home that keep me company.

Plush star wars Gifts Valentine

My favorite gift

A lovers holiday

In addition, if you are going on holiday this will be the perfect opportunity to inaugurate the beautiful bikini on which it will be cracked. Yes, because as I assure you that his soul of compulsive buyer will wake up seeing everything! Imagine: you offer him the bikini of her dreams and hide in a ticket to an exotic destination. It is not too much class it? I do not know why, but I am sure that this surprise him like 😉

dream Beach Valentine

So then, you will crack on what gifts for Valentine’s day? I I chose 😀

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