Halloween is approaching really fast and although I am sure that you already know where to go, I am sure the 1st of november you will be thinking already where are you going to spend it next year, because we always do that! So, this article is for you! Whether you have an unlimited or otherwise rather tight budget, you will find your happiness and perfect destination! The colorful Halloween is celebrated worldwide but some parts of the world are worth seeing more than others …. Of Irish origin, Halloween was exported to the United States and met a huge success but it’s still in Ireland and England that this festival will amaze you the most!

In search of folklore and fun?! Treat yourself to a weekend with friends or family to celebrate Halloween as it should be! Take your best costume with you off course! Ghosts, zombies, skeletons, witches, monsters, vampires, rock stars or pumpkins, release your  imagination and let it run free! This is the only time in the year where you can really have fun in  disguise, silly or scary and nobody judges you for one second if only to envy your look… Whether you decide to celebrate this in a bar with friends, night clubs, in a carnival at the other end of the world, a cemetery, a haunted house or even at home, there will inevitably be an evening to your taste!

I invite you to discover the best places to celebrate Halloween in the best way possible!

# The town of Sighisoara (Romania)

The birthplace of Dracula is one of the craziest places to spend your Halloween festivities! Spend the most macabre night of your life in the Bran Castle, where the vampire has “stayed”…. In this world famous medieval castle, you can enjoy a costume party, a campfire midnight or even a mythical witch hunt!!! Even that you are a followers of  Vampires stories or not, dare to experience and let yourself enjoy!  You will not regret it … Especially as you get the opportunity to taste the Romanian cuisine is a delight…


# Germany (Mühltal)

Come experience a live horror film right in front of your eyes in this huge castle which was the residence of Frankenstein… Every year at Halloween in Burg Frankenstein, there are almost 600 000 spectators over 3 weeks that come to be afraid with may scary creatures, one scarier than the other, from Hannibal Lecter to Freddy… Immersed in a terrifying universe, you will experience one of the most pleasurable experiences of your life!!!! Sensitive souls beware… You will not leave unscathed!

# Mexico

El dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead in English) is one of the most important days in Mexico! Mexicans prefer to laugh at death and this is what happens during this holiday, October 31, they have fun, dress up, dance, sing with mariachis, eat and November 1, the fiesta continues inside cemeteries where families come to bring the dead all they loved most in the world through a bottle of alcohol or even food, because yes the dead shall also have the rights to enjoy;) I really advise you to visit Mexico during the festival of the dead, you will realize the incredible generosity and joy of living of  the Mexicans and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of this enchanting spectacle that will do you good! My favorite!!!! * _ *


# Canada

From Vancouver to Quebec, through Toronto, Canada, Halloween is not a party to take lightly! From the beginning of October, store fronts, gardens, houses and apartments dress accordingly …. No way not to play the game. The adults organize parties that their guests will long remember, children prepare their finest costumes to beg a sweet or a spell and above, everyone has one thing in mind: to enjoy this day that promises strong emotions… It is also one of the countries where people really decorate their garden for this party … the party really has a big magnitude, there are even pumpkin carvings contest! So much fun!

# Edinburgh (Scotland)

This is THE city in Scotland! Its castles, its culinary specialties, Whisky distilleries have forged its reputation and made her a sort of Scottish gem… Throughout the year, you can participate in haunted excursions but during Halloween period, the streets are even more terrifying than ever! Feel free to stroll through Canongate to attend the pumpkin carving contest… You can also visit the “Edinburgh Dungeon” scarier than ever and the frighting film festival at Summerhall; where I am sure horror films lovers will get the chills!


And yes, the French capital will also make you turn pale for Halloween! With many attractions like the night of horrors at the Grevin Museum or medical center KOEZIO, Paris will make you tremble with fear! For couples looking for thrills, Airbnb offers rooms a few meters in all lands most terrifying one another that will leave an indelible memory of your Halloween party in 2015 …. I love this idea! The less adventurous souls can always go to Disneyland fun …..

# Hong Kong

Little known and there for a few years already, Halloween is becoming increasingly important in China and especially Hong Kong! Because of the many attractions at Disneyland Park, the city gradually began to celebrate Halloween and make it a great one. With pumpkins, spiders and vampires all over the streets, the festival promises to be impressive! Everyone dresses up and enjoy together! Many attractions are open to you and you can off course attend the live entertainment by Disney and Ocean Park or let or party in night clubs… there is something for everyone!


# Australia

For those lucky enough to have a long holiday and the budget that goes with it, Australia is the perfect destination to celebrate Halloween! This is one of the countries with the most famous Halloween celebrations. It starts the beginning of October with “zombie walk” (zombie parades) including Brisbane and ending with the most important of all in Sydney! Imagine hundreds of people all dressed as zombies, marching through the streets of the largest cities in the country !!! Awesome and quite terrifying * _ *


Halloween carnival Australia

# Dublin (Ireland)

Dublin is the city to celebrate Halloween when you are young and want to have fun! The city in which was born the author of Dracula, becomes absolutely insane and terrifying … Demonstrations in the streets are very diversified, either dancing zombies or the mythical “Bram Stoker Festival” which takes place on 3 frightening days and hosts exhibitions, parades… The ultimate dream !!! I have my ticket already!

# London (England) 

The English capital is no exception to the Halloween madness! Visit the London Dungeon, take the night bus that will return in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and other characters from the bloody Londoner life… Many shows also exist and will make you tremble with fear, great atmosphere guaranteed! Dare to Halloween in England!

What we love the most…

# Halloween at New York

And yes!! The Big Apple is the birthplace of Halloween… The demonstrations are extremely numerous. Whether you are invited to one of the huge worldly parties where celebrities flock or you choose to do the night tour making you go around cemeteries and different places of this city,  it is impossible for you to be disappointed!

For animal lovers, you will have the opportunity to attend the “Dog Parade” where all New Yorkers compete in ideas for the best costume for their little fur balls! I love it!

So where are you celebrating Halloween this year? 🙂


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