I love the beach, seriously! It is the place where I am the happiest person. I also love traveling, and there is nothing wrong with daydreaming once in a while with the places I want to go to some day (in the near future I hope). For me, there is nothing like visiting a place you have never been before, try new food, get to know the locals, see the atractions, the parties, and if there is a beach then that makes it PERFECT! Not only I like to be there, but the relaxation feeling you have after your vacations is simply the best!

But well, if we can´t travel right now, why not having a sneak peak with beautiful pictures of heavenly places, because these places do exist! really!, even they look incredible and dreamy, they are somewhere around the world waiting just for you!

So lets travel to the Caribbean, we are giving some reviews that confirm, accordingly  to Trip Advisor and the opinion of hundreds of tourists and travelers, that these are the top 10 heavenly beaches that which will definitely make you daydream!

10 beaches in the Caribbean

#10 Maho Beach, Cruz Bay, St. John

“It could be the best beach in the world!!!” It is one of the nicest placest I have ever been!! Calm beach, clear water, white sand, very few people! Perfect landscape!


#9 Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica

“THE BEST BEACH” The best beach in Jamaica without a doubt. It is the typical beach that comes in a Caribbean postcard. Cristal clear waters, fishes, not too deep, ideal temperature, without algae and sand under water until very far from shore

#8 Bavaro beach, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

“THE GOOD VIBES OF THE DOMINICAN PEOPLE” Beautiful beaches, with countless coconut trees, you can enjoy various water sports, a sea with clear water to enjoy snorkelling

#7 Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

“Exceptional” Amazingly beautiful beach with pink sand, very clean. It is definitely the most beautiful beach we have ever seen. We are already making plans to come back next year. 



#6  The Baths, Virgen Gorda, British Islands

“IS AN EARTHLY WONDER”  is incredible the beauty of this place!, if you travel to Tortola, you have to do this tour!


#5 Varadero Beach, Cuba

“BEAUTIFUL!!!” Bella, no algae, warm water, calm sea, a deliciousness!!!!!!! I would come back a thousand times more if I could


#4 Eagle Beach, Aruba

“THE BEST OF ARUBA” Undoubtedly the best beach in Aruba, uncrowded, good shade for you and your car. I have visited beaches several places in the Caribbean, and this is the best.




#3 Playa Flamenco, Culebra, Puerto Rico

“LISTED AS ONE OF THE BEST BEACHES IN THE WORLD” Among the best in the Caribbean and worldwide. Flamenco Beach in Culebra is a spectacular beach in a half moon, the sand feels like white flour, the water is clear, you will see the corals without using scuba gear, it is one of the places that has impressed me the most in the world,  dare to go …





#2 Paradise Beach, Cayo Largo, Cuba

“AMAZING!!!” This beach is spectacular !!! Very wild without much infrastructure, but beautiful, everywhere you look. You do not need anything more than water and sand that it has !!! Worth going, highly recommended!



#1 Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

“THE BEACH OF PARADISE EXISTS IN EARTH !!!” A beautiful bay with clear water, sheltered by a reef that contains the waves of the open sea. White Sands you will not burn your feet, continuous sun, fish that swim between your legs, perfect breeze for sailing in very cool catamarans. All good vibes and good life summarized in this idyllic dream beach.

playas playas playas


These definitely made me dream, I want to visit all of them! What do you think? 😉



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