It is often said that the environment in which we work influences our behavior and our choices! That is why an original framework, creative, inventive without being oppressive, helps with the productivity that any business looks for. We can admit the vast majority is not lucky enough to work in a magical environment and unusual and often works in relatively simple premises that do not necessarily stimulate productivity. Still, there are some lucky people who work in unusual places, offices that make you travel … So if you want to envy, give ideas to your bosses or even just to dream, this article will show you the most  exceptional and  and stunning offices that we can find.

A good work environment will not only improve productivity but also improve your relationships with your colleagues as being more relaxed and happy to do your job, you communicate more clearly with others.

The physical environment is THE most important factor! It can be improved in a simple way with bright, warm colors, a customizable space where the employee actually feels at home, adding greenery to give it a touch of life to your desktop … You l ”ll understand, the ways to improve your work space are many and varied, there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

For this article, I focused all the places that make up the welfare!! So get carried away and forget you’re at work … 😉

Here are my Top 15 companies that offer a magical dream workspace!

#15 CISCO (San Francisco)

Cisco is an American company specializing in computer servers and networks. It offers a very pleasant working environment for its employees  and also immense spaces where they can even cycle,  quality relaxation areas that make you want to work and offer the opportunity to relax at best before an appointment on a stressful or hectic day … I love the colorful spaces from this company!

#14 Nike (London)

This iconic brand offering designs known around the world does not focus solely on the decor and atmosphere of its many stores but also on those of its offices! Employees are surrounded by all Nike imaging with giant font on the walls and drawings representing different advertising campaigns of the brand! We can relive Nike’s most successful  things every day by going to work … This shows why we give so much to work! Rather efficient … In addition each office is customized to its location which adds charm to this giant sportswear! I love it!!! British atmosphere guaranteed ….

#13 Twitter/ Facebook

We can say that San Francisco is full of local enterprises that make you dream and this is proved also by  Twitter!

For those who live in a cave, Twitter is with Facebook, is one of the giants of social networks and when you see these local one understands immediately that these employees are motivated! With outdoor and indoor relaxation areas, a huge cafeteria and some game rooms around the building, lunch breaks are really the opportunity to decompress, to lay your head! And you can always see the color of the brand !!

Facebook’s reputation is very known! Its premises are an example for all other companies in the world … An ultra relaxed atmosphere which is to envy! Mark Zuckerberg is young and imposes a style of working out agreements that brings freshness! I love the idea of a wall where everybody can write their ideas, desires, and feelings!


#12 TBWA 

This international advertising agency working with the largest compies, like Mc Donalds and H & M shows its importance and greatness in an unconventional way! Huge offices container, colorful relaxing spaces  and landscaped outdoor spaces, all the elements come together to never want to leave work!!

#11 Three Rings

This company specializing in the video games has offices that are very singular! An extraordinary universe that immerses us in a world between dream and reality… It’s all right immersed in a world straight from a Tim Burton film that takes us and gives the imagination which is essential in the creation of games! ! The price of the originality…

#10 Pixar

This giant animation company offers its staff, premises that brings them back to their childhood !! Shaped offices of small private cottages, the relaxation areas at the top of his fame… What more do you want?, if only we could come cross superheroes from Pixar movies? Oh yes!, this is possible and every day !! We fall in childhood and we love it!

#9 Skype

Skype is good at communicating and we can prove that once more through  its offices that are in soothing colors, round shapes and a game room that will host football with the company’s greatest players !!

#8 Selgas cano architecture 

This Spanish architectural firm demonstrates to all potential customers that its employees are able to make your dreams come true!! With an office that gives the impression of being completely outside, how could you not be inspired?

#7 Tripadvisor

The best-known travel price comparison in the world offers employees of local dreams!!! Office functions decorated countries whose site promotes, funky relaxation and rest rooms … It’s almost like being on holiday!

#6 Cartoon Network

Little wonder that the greatest heroes have seen the day in its premises! How not to be inspired in offices that are both awesome and crazy ??


#5 WeWork 

This is the perfect example !!!! This company creates workspaces so that they become places of life where everyone feels good and is happy to come to work! See for yourself 😉

#4 Inventionland Design Factory

This giant box idea is breathtaking! Who would not dream of working in a pirate ship or a cabin in the woods ? A rich atmosphere of original ideas that will make your days of real adventures…

#3 Urban Outfitters

This king of the sale of clothing does not make us dream in an online store! Its premises are a unique experience alone …  All girls will remain open-mouthed….


#2 AirBnB

You dream of traveling across the world on beautiful beaches with a cocktail in hand? Well the AirBnB offices will transport you beyond your expectations. From London to Tokyo via Mexico, it is a trip up in color! I’m a fan !!!! * _ *

#1 Google

No wonder that this computer monster  is on top of my rank! The different Google premises are each  more impressive than the other … Special mention to the one in Tel Aviv who is particularly amazing !!


What we love the most!…


Although at present, these offices are only at draft stage, I must highlight the originality and beauty of this building, which hopefully, will delight many employees!

dream workspace

So where are you applying? 😉


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