Every day you be good to your hair. Between smoothing, hair dryer and colorations, no wonder they are damaged… But coconut oil could well be the miracle cure to all your worries! Indeed, he is credited with many virtues, all more beautiful than the other. Let's see it more closely!


Coconut oil: the hair treatment to test absolutely!

coconut oil




1. What are the properties of coconut oil?


Before marvel at a product it should already know the virtues!

Oil of coconut in 5 points:


#1 is an excellent antioxidant for use if you have dry or brittle hair. In addition it is recognized for its smoothing properties. Farewell hair electrical and rebel!

dry brittle hair

#2 you can also use it to moisturize your scalp: to goodbye dandruff! Coconut oil is therefore also an excellent anti-dandruff.

coconut care anti dandruff oil

     #3 associated to other ingredients such as coconut milk or argan oil, coconut oil also stimulates the regrowth of hair.


woman with long hair



 #4 coconut oil is composed of medium-chain triglycerides, commonly known as TCM. In short these are fatty acids, but they have a special feature! These molecules are lighter and their atomic chain is rigid, so difficult to break. You will tell me it is fine everything but what it brings? Well this feature allows them to pass under the scale of the hair and therefore feed it in depth. In this coconut oil is much better than other mineral or vegetable oils.


hydration hair coconut oil



#5 Finally, for moms with children at a young age, I wish to inform you that coconut oil is also known to be a very good lice. Well Yes, in addition to being fat, coconut oil solidifies at room temperature. There is nothing better to suffocate lice!

coconut care anti lice



On plate ideas:coconut benefits

  • Coconut oil grease hair: this is false.  Applied sparingly coconut oil will restore the gloss to your hair without grease.
  • Oil for hair that smells bad: still wrong. Some oils, like for example, castor oil have a somewhat strong smell which is not unanimous. However coconut oil has a very pleasant odor.
  • Oil effect in minutes: always false. This is a very good product but if you want to see the effects it will have to be patient. The best is to leave oil a few hours a day where you do not have to get out. Longer the product is in contact with your hair, better!






2. How to apply oil of coconut on my hair?


To take advantage of the benefits of coconut oil you need to know how to apply it.

Several options are available to you:


The mask based on coconut oil


Here is a quick little tutorial that will give you guidance on the application of your mask:

What you should remember:

  • The mask is only once per week
  • Measure the quantity of oil depending on your length of hair (3 tablespoons for shoulder-length hair)
  • For Caucasian type hair: apply on the ends and on the scalp care / curly hair: the mask can be applied over the entire length.
  • Well leave the mask for an optimal effect!



The little extra:

Note that there is not only a single coconut oil mask recipe. You can very well choose to mix your oil with lots of other ingredients to add more effect to your care.

Here are some ideas of masks:

  • Oil of coconut + lawyer = mask passes everywhere to make flexibility and shine to your hair.
  • Coconut oil + bee + Olive wax = super protective care to make their brilliance to damaged hair.
  • Coconut oil + rosemary oil = a mask which darkens your color and limits the loss of hair.

bath vegetable oils





Before or after the shampoo coconut oil


coconut oil shampooNo need to just use coconut oil one only once in the week, you can pretty much enjoy to each shampoo!

Two options are available to you:

  • You can use it before the shampoo: well moisten your hair and apply the oil in its compact form. Contact with your hair should melt it. Apply the oil on the scalp and the tips. Especially not in not put too much, a nutty enough! Rinse thoroughly, and then your shampoo.


  • You can also do this treatment after your shampoo by following the same steps. In this case you can leave the oil a little more time, 30 minutes for example.






To straighten hair with coconut oil


I told you that coconut oil had smoothing properties. This is the time to use it:

  • Heat your coconut oil to its liquid appearance.
  • Take a DAB on your fingers (attention to not take too much: it is a blend not a mask).
  • Apply to rebel hair.
  • Do not rinse (where the need for a small amount of oil).

smoothing hair coconut oil



3. How to choose my coconut oil?


Well Yes, it's nice to know to use but you also need to know the choose! The method is simple and can be summed up in three points:

  1. Use virgin coconut oil: Unlike the Monoi oil and coconut oil they also extracted from coconut, virgin coconut oil is extracted by mechanical and industrial.
  2. "From first cold pressing": typically coconut oils are extracted at high temperature and macerated. It is a pity because they lose a portion of their benefits.
  3. Bio: Fertilizers and pesticides are soluble in fats. Organic coconut oil will be necessarily healthier.


After all these tips I book you a selection of products. It should help you choose your coconut oil-based product:


L'huile de coco vierge Émile Noël

J'adore la marque et ses produits!
Émile Noël propose des produits bio, issus du commerce équitable et autant que possible issus d'une production locale. En plus il y en a vraiment pour tous les goûts.
Pas étonnant que cette huile de coco ait été élue meilleur produit de l'année 2015!

L'huile de coco Amanprana

J'ai eu un coup de cœur pour ce produit et son histoire. Depuis des années la marque Amanprana commercialise ses produits à base de noix de coco. Plus récemment elle a décidé de créer sont propre label pour lutter contre les grands du commerce équitable jugés trop élitistes. Le label Amanprana est maintenant devenue une référence dans le milieu.

Le petit +: La marque garantie une durée maximum de 48h entre le pelage et le pressage de ses noix de coco. De quoi garantir des produits très frais!

La gamme de soin Palmers

C'est vrai que pour des soucis de rapidité l'huile de coco n'est pas forcément la meilleure solution. Voici donc une gamme de soins capillaires qui peut être un bon compromis pour les moins patientes d'entre vous! Les shampoings et après shampoings de la marque Palmers sont très appréciés par les consommateurs. En plus l'alliance de la Kératine et de la noix de coco dans un même soin est un véritable boost pour vos cheveux.

Le shampoing Desert essence

C'est un shampoing bio à la noix de coco mais pas seulement! Son processus de production aura de quoi vous rendre fière de votre achat.
En effet, ce shampoing est, en autre: non testé sur les animaux , sans paraben, biodégradable, sans composés de pétrole, etc...

Certes ce n'est pas de la noix de coco extra vierge, mais c'est un produit bio très respectueux de l'environnement!



You now know how to have beautiful hair with coconut oil! But don't hesitate to vary the pleasures… What you should remember it is that this fruit is really a miracle product. And that he has not yet delivered you all his secrets!




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