Yoga is a relaxing sport by definition, and in this period when the summer ends and the responsabilities arrive, what could be more stresful than that? Given its success, they have opened many specialized places where to practice but sometimes it is hard to choose where to lay or head on. I mean, do we really need to pay for the best Yoga Center in London or Manhattan to practice this, no!

#To begin


It is trut that at the beginning it is important to receive lessons someone who really knows so we can learn the basics. It is also necessary to choose the style of yoga we want to do since there are at least 5 different types of yoga, and it is also important to chosse your professor because not everyone is the same and not everyone brings out the best quality in the classes.

#Find some time for yourself


Once you started doing yoga, why not enjoying and meditating alone from once in a while. Cuando you practice you get relaxed, even 5 minutes per day will relax you and will be grat for your body and will give you the right energy for the rest of your day. The secret is to find a quite place and cosy that will be ideal for meditation. Close your eyers, inhale, exhale and let your mind relax.

#Take a bath of fresh air


If you want to strengthen your ability to concentrate, why not meditate outdoors? Being in connection with nature allows a change of scenery and to relive the most important things. It also seems that the positions in the natural elements such as tree branches, for example,  helps to strengthen and tone your abs. In short, there is  no excuse for not trying.

#Choose the landscape

Last but not least, for the adventurous spirits, try practicing in a totally unusual setting: well you could go back to basics and go to meditate in India, but for a little more adrenaline you can go to the top of a skyscraper or on the Great Wall China if you want to fill a little history. The advantage is that you will strengthen your mind and adaptability. And why not do it in a group. Oh, and right! We can not forget that yoga also involves sharing with others. Every year in the 4 corners of the world yoga meetings are organized to meet and share with more people who share the same interest.

Here are all the keys to choose meditation space. All this combined with a balanced diet and proper maintenance and will be on top of the season!

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