Nothing feels nicer, than getting into a pool on a sunny day, that refreshing feeling that make you want to float over the water and enjoy the sun, all day long! But ok, there are other very good reasons why we should like to be in the water and I mean something different from what we could be used to. When you think about excersising, the first thing that pops into your mind is to go to the gym, am I right? or practising some sort of routine, running, walking… but how many times do you think about swimming for exercise. What about we turn that, what we love much, into our routine to improve our health and look even prettier!

It is amazing the amount of benefits that we can get out swimming, personally, it is my favorite sport. I love how I can truly see positive changes in my body within a couple of weeks of having startedm and who know? depends on where you live, it could even help you maintain that beautiful tan you worked so hard for in the summer.

I´ll tell you some of the biggest benefits that will make you want to junp in a pool right now!

Become a mermaid!

#1  Say bye to those extra pounds

Maybe you´ve heard in the past that swimming is one of the most complete sports, well, that´s right! Swimming not only allows you to do cardio but it also helps you strenght your muscles. While you are swimming, you are in constant moving and excersising, even if you stop swimming you will be still in doing it without even realizing. Besides, the effort you do inside the water is different from the outside, because water is  800 more dense thatn the air, this according to coach Earl Walton, owner of Tailwind Endurance.

Something also really cool about it is that we exercise our whole bodies when we swim, our WHOLE bodies! Off course, with some modifications, like the swimming style we do, it will help some areas more than the others. Check it out!


This style makes your arms work and push all the water down while you try to keep a firm body.  

When we do backstroke, we excersise: biceps, triceps and deltoids,  we also strengthen the glutes, abs and pecs. awesome huh? Besides sculpting these areas,  doing this style can burn around 216 calories in half hour (with a weight base of 130 pounds), and the best part is that it is fun and relaxing!


Free style and butterfly

These two, is when more effort is made in the arms and the legs. This is because we need to elevate our head in order to breath so this is why it requires an extra effort.

Here we work the pectorals, deltoids and biceps in the upper body, and quadriceps and hamstrings in the lower body. 

When you swim any of these styles and with a base weight of 130 pounds, you burn around 300 calories, now imagine 1 hour!



These 2 are really trending right now, it is not the traditional swimming but it is definitely something worth trying. The aquabiking  is like doing spinning in the water and the aquagym involves more and different excersises. 

Find out if there they have these near where you live, it sounds fun without a doubt! 

#2 Be Healthier 🙂 

Swimming improves resistence, this is because when you are in the water constantly moving, in order to get to the other side you will have to resist more, and more, and every time you can last longer. This benefits your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. And there are other perks as well:

  • You softly exercise your heart because there is not a strong impact.
  • Your blood circulation is better.
  • You improve your breathing. When you swim for a while your lungs become even more efficient.
  • Also, it is great therapy when you have injuries! *but always check on with the doctor first.

#3  Healthy body, happy mind! 

Swimming is not only good for your body, but also for a healthy mind, it makes you happier! 🙂 This is because swimming secretes endorphins, which are the hormones that cause pleasure and provoque the feeling of happiness. Another thing is that if you practice swimming regularly, you will note positive changes in your body really fast and your self steem will definitely go up as you feel healthier and in shape.

It also reduces stress which will make your lifestyle better.



And the best of it all…

Swimming is for everyone! No matter who you are, your shape, age, health, or how you are, swimming is for you!, you just have to be carefull and find the right routine for you and for what you are looking for.

I am sure we will look very sexy on the swimming caps haha! Remember that it takes consistency and effort to notice changes, but I assure you that you will see results sunner that you imagine!

Now, let´s jump in! 

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