Balances: making the right choice!

Since Wednesday morning, it is madness and female hysteria that redid surface! All of a sudden, there need to about everything that we see, even this black dress that was already in 3 copies, but still, the neckline is not quite like that! But Lastly these balances with dozens of pieces that it will resell in empty dressing room as early as fall, a few simple to follow, rules and a few good shots especially at shopper before it's too late! I'll introduce you to the 6 commandments of the shoppeuse experienced during sales!


Command n ° 1: basic good for you craqueras

commandments of balances

The first rule of balances, is to avoid cracking on this multicolored asymmetric dress in animal patterns, generally leaves itself arresting by the attractive prices that we would almost all buy. Except that, it is a marketing coup! Enjoy balances to redeem you some basic good, a black V-neck t-shirt or a jean jacket, indispensable to shopper at low prices! We love this blouse Top Diva trademark Bash, for example, and especially for its reduction of-50, which allows us to offer us a beautiful piece! We take this opportunity to redeem himself of beautiful shirts, I love this shirt and also it at Zara!

In swimsuit, we enjoy super balances on Carla Bikini to crack on a swimsuit original but timeless, a swimsuit that will hold more than one summer and will be our ally in any season, as for example this Seafolly swimsuit very trend, but black and a piece for a purchase without faults of taste and a canon Jersey! I also love this swimsuit shelves• Livia, in timeless black and white trend, ultra feminine between its form and its node, I validate!

Command n ° 2: guns accessories you miseras

commandments of balancesBalances, it is also the right time for refueling of access at mini prices! Dress your summer outfits, to match your swimsuit, on bottom for accessories to infinity! The essential summer, it is the Suns sunglasses to match your dresses for beaches! We love glasses Seafolly, so fun and trends, including this funky and retro model to perfection! A shopper in Brown for a look more casual and blue for the extravagance! We also love on ethnic jewelry or purified, tastes, personally I funds for these earrings Maje, trends and extravagant just what it needed, a real Must Have! Advantage also of the balances to buy jewelry that accompany us on vacation, we enjoy the mini on Bala boosts for shopper price these beautiful earrings very years 30 and Oriental, which will go perfectly with my tunics from beaches or a slightly ethnic poncho, as Flynn of L * space.


Command n ° 3: summer outfits you get


If balances begin just before departure on holiday, it is not for nothing! Anyway me I see a direct link, it's battery the right time to buy what return from the beach, what going to the beach, what stroll along the coast in early evening… Then we enjoy balances to redeem a beautiful summer long dress in white or powder shades for a romantic look to sublimate his divinely tanned skin. We love a hook, very trendy and sexy and perfect dress in beachwear, and we Redid the full of shorts and tank tops to wear to indulge in all the sports of beach while remaining chic! Enjoy also the balances for crack on a small colorful jacket like this jacket spirit in a very ethnic style which colors will be top to enhance your sleek summer outfits and give you a chic within 2 seconds, the time to Don the jacket

Command n ° 4: in a beautiful tote bags you invest

commandments of balances"Ahh the purse of a woman…". », as me, you have seen and reviewed this sentence, and it is time to restore a sense! Advantage of the balances to invest in a companion ready to match your outfits, you accompany in difficult times and lift your spirits when it is at its lowest! I speak well on a bag in hand. Then after, you choose the shape, color and material that cut you the better. I cracked completely for this bag Banana Moon, I love these girly colours and its Tote shape, which is reminiscent of the departure for the beach, but will also perfect to host your shopping and bring a little iodine in the city centre! For those who want to take advantage of the balances to redeem their must – have back, bet on quality brands in order to really benefit balances, it is on that is a little more expensive, but at least you're safe that your beautiful bag will hold up to the back, and is an opportunity to have fun!


Command n ° 5: what put you you will find

commandments of balances

If balances are only an additional excuse to allow us to buy us another pair of shoes that we should "absolutely", we will when not even help. Then we enjoy price balances to refuel, especially in summer for holiday feet shoes in the water waiting for us! If you are looking for flip-flops from beach not expensive and practical, I bottom completely for these black tong Banana Moon, plastic they are resistant to water, and I like their look very sleek with just this large node that is in fact the originality of this shoes. Then, in a more Bohemian look, I love these flip flops with fringes Banana Moon! Match with a white dress and a big tote for a summer look and trendy! For the pumps or the compensated, I cracked for texting, not expensive shoes and good qualities, their collection of this summer is just sublime and very trendy, and in addition there are for everyone!


Command n ° 6: in a beautiful swimsuit you te pavaneras

commandments of balances

The key to your balance of summer, that will make that we could only see you, but hopefully for the right reasons… It is time to select her swimsuit. For those who want to stay classic but bet on quality brands and still remain stylish, refer to the first commandment, for others, the extravagant, exuberant, those who like to be seen and not seen it, it's time to choose his swimsuit! It takes advantage of the balances to fall for one of the trends of the summer, a swimsuit hook for a romantic, ethnic look for a Bohemian look, or crack for neoprene trend! Me I love this headband Seafolly and colour so punchy! I also like the look pin up retro that gives this swimsuit of trademark Freya, bin, peas, decorations that put the chest forward and found on the panties, I love! Then we hesitate more, it darkens on Carla Bikini and is fun by taking advantage of our balances!








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