Tess Holliday, the scandalous
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Tess Holliday, the change in the fashion sphere image?

You've always heard about Tess Holiday, one known as Tess Munster because of his imposing physique and which creates the scandal in the world of fashion. Indeed, that describes itself as a "body positive activist" is the first model most size also round to be signed to an agency and not any! The Milk Model Management, one of the most famous London. It is a size 52, which is far from the usual models zero size, and to began a campaign in 2013 on Instagram with the #effyourbeautystandards, to understand "I annoys your criteria of beauty". We love this personality of fire, and the physical sublime and glamorous so of this dummy away from the usual standards that shakes a little too strict world by time, and we give want to dare the bikini without any complex this summer, in his image! We love the swimwear sculpting, which put the silhouette in value or for brands like Livia, Miraclesuit, or Marie Meili, specialists of the deep cups, that will make you a dream body and you will ensure a continued without equal!



Model Tess Holliday amazes with its Physics out of the ordinary, with a BMI of 42, obesity and yet States be proud of her body and appearance, which created claims and uprisings on the part of fans Instagram, some lamenting its "favourable to the obesity advertising", told for example that it pushes the younger girls to obesity and that it satisfies this disease defend it there or other and highlight his courage and the fact that every body is beautiful and need to get out of this diktat from the thinness. We, we love Tess Holliday and his courage, his way of saying to the world and the fashion sphere that she plug of received ideas and the eyes of others, but is determined to live her dreams in large, the image of his person and his personality! For all round girls, we love the deep bonnet swimwear and assumed his physique! For trademarks body friendly knowledge make essential policing, on you board Freya or Curvy Kate, to update your forms in value!


"Just because I'm not a size 12, doesn't mean I have any less of a life to live. "I'm a big girl… & I have a big life to live."-Tess Münster



Our blow of heart

We love completely for this headband model fleurie brand Fantasie. This Cuba Rose model, with its large exotic flowers on beige background, sublimate your body and give you a look of goddess! Her high waist panties allows to hide and small defects in the belly discreetly, and to feel comfortable on the beach! We also like these colors fresh and sparkling, which remain very glamorous and chic, and sublimate your Tan! So for a sexy and feminine body, we dare Bikini two piece Fantasie, and it honours Tess Holliday model assuming her curves!



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