If you have always wanted to have the butt of your dreams, that make you look  gorgeous in any clothing you wear, it’s time to stop just wanting and  start taking action! I´ve been hearing about squats for a long time, and that they give amazing results. So I want to tell you about it today, to motivate you to start squatting and seen positive improvements inside and out your body!

It is always important to note that each person is different and that the results will also be. Off course your eating habits are also involved.  Another thing is if you do another exercise besides squats or if you do it by itself. However, if you are constant and  follow the program correctly, the results will speak for themselves!

Why start to squat? 


#1 You will feel sexier

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful and feel good in our own bodies. One of the advantages of squats, is that you will be  and feel more sexy! Why? Because your legs will be firmer and your glutes more lifted. The jeans will look amazing on you!

Squats work all the leg, which is great if you compare it to the machines at the gym where you only exercise a part of your leg at a time. This is the reason why you can tone and strengthen your legs so fast!

#2 bye bye cellulite, squats improve blood circulation!


Squats movements promote good blood circulation and prevent cellulite. And it’s also good for your health!

#3 Your body will be programmed to do a catlwalk all the time! 

Squats also help to improve your posture, this will automatically give you a much more sexy approach. Not to mention that good posture allows better breathing, a better digestion and reduces back pain.

#4 You can do it wherever, whenever…

No matter where you are,  there are no excuse not to do squats! No need of a machine, so youc an really do it anywhere!

#5 Prevent accidents, strengthen your knees and your ligaments 

Squats strengthen the muscles of the knee, and help building strong ligaments!


How to begin?

A good way to start is by doing a 30 day squat challenge. In this squat challenge, you gradually increase the number of squats you make until you reach 250 squats at the end of the month. The good side of this challenge is that if you’re really constant for 30 days (there are days of rest no worries!) you’ll see an impressive result. According to Rachel Buschertm, a fitness professional and sports coach, when you feel that you have improved, you can change the type of squat and add weights for example.

You can make the number of shown squats in the “30 day squat challenge” distributed during the day, or  several times throughout the day  if your body can endure. There are several types of squat challenge but I think it is one of the best:


It is also important for your own safe, to know how to do squats properly. We therefore recommend you this video that explains everything about how to make correctly.

I hope that this will motivate you! Remember that squats can be done at home or anywhere else.  So, ready to start today?

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