There are plenty of reasons why running should already be on your workout routine, from  the fact that it burns many many calories, to just having a better and healthier lifestyle. Running is not only great for your health and body, but it is also very easy to start: you just need a road, a park or a treadmill, workout clothes and of course women running shoes. But here is the thing! Because they feel the urge of running, many people make the mistake of running with any pair of sport shoes that they have at home, without knowing the importance of using the right running shoes and how this can affect your performance and prevent injuries.

So let’s talk about this really important topic. After all, you really don’t want to be running for hours and waste your time, you want of course to make the most of it and see really good results, instead of what you could get if you are not careful with your body. Also I am sure you want something that looks nice.


running shoes for women


Robert Smith, owner of Robert’s Running and Walking Shop says the following, and we couldn’t agree more.

“Without a doubt, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and other issues can be avoided with the right shoe.”

The key to happy feet is to make sure your running shoes fit perfectly from heel to toe.


Making your feet happy…

Here are some tips to make sure they fit perfectly; this is what you have to take into account.


womenn running shoes#1  Your heel

Snug but not tight. You should be able to slide in and out, and if you feel any irritation at the store, it will be way worse when you hit the street so really make sure it is comfortable and you can slide your foot in easily.

#2  Your instep

This should feel snug and secure, but you should not be feeling pressure or too tight.

#3 Width

You should be able to pinch a quarter inch of upper material along the widest part of your foot.

#4 Length

Feet swell and lengthen over a run, so make sure there’s a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. You also have to make sure there is room for your fingers to wiggle around, this room will help protect your feet.

#5 Flex

The recommendation is to check the flex point before you put on the shoe, and once you have it on by pressing the tip of the shoe on the floor.

#6 Feel

You need to know which is your arc type to know the kind of shoe that fits and that really feels natural and not like an extra effort.


If you have a high arch:

  • Your feet tend to be less flexible.
  • You need the minimum support
  • You should choose your running shoes from the neutral, neutral plus, or performance neutral categories.



nike running shoes

Nike neutral running shoes for women


If you have a medium arch like 80% of the population:

  • You require medium support because your foot tends to be moderate flexible.
  • You can find the best running shoe in the stability, stability plus, or performance stability categories.


nike running shoes

Nike stability running shoes for women


If you have a low arch:

  • Your feet are very flexible.
  • You need maximum level of support.
  • You may want to select your running shoes from the motion control or motion control plus categories.


women running shoes

Brooks motion control running shoes for women



Additional tips when you buy!

When looking for the perfect running shoes, you need to know more than the type of feet you have and all that…  here are some extra tips that will help you when you buy your next pair of running shoes.

#1 Buy at smaller shops

Looking for your shoes at smaller stores could be way better than buying them at a huge department store. The reason is very simple: people who work in small shops are specialized in certain areas and topics, so in most cases they will be able to give you suggestions on the appropriate shoe type for you and they will help you until you find it.

#2 Give them a test run

It is not only about trying one pair of shoes on and that’s it, no no no… You need to test it, to feel it when you’re running, so put the shoes on and go for a run! (at least inside the store!) Don’t be embarrassed, it is really necessary in order to be 100% sure that those are the one!

#3  Buy extras

If you found the perfect pair of shoes why don’t you buy 2 of them so you have one left when the first pair is worn off! This is a great option so you don’t have to worry in a while. And if you are really into fashion trends, you can go buy the newest and then wait to buy the second pair when the new collections come out; this way it will be a cheaper investment.

#4  Don’t assume your size

Even if you might be completely certain of your shoe size, every shoe is different and your shoe size in one brand can be really different in another. So try them on so you make sure you don’t get the wrong number!

#5  Don’t believe everything you see

The fact that a brand says that their shoes have some special features does not necessarily means they do. Sometime a pair of basic running shoes is way better; other shoes have extras you don’t really need anyway.

#6  Buy in the afternoon

In the morning your feet are fresh and not swollen, but in the afternoon they will be swollen and the shoe size might be different, so always buy shoes in the afternoon. You want to make sure they always fit and if you try them in the morning, they will be too small after a few hours.


running shoes


Why start or continue running? 

  • Running improves your health! It seriously does. According to research, running can help improve your levels of good cholesterol and lower the risk of getting blood clots.
  • According to the website Active, in women, running could actually lower the risk of getting breast cancer as well as other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.
  • Running is also one of the best exercises to maintain your weight or to lose some.
  • It is the second best exercise to burn calories after cross country skiing (and much easier to do at home).
  • There are many ways to change the routine a bit so you can even burn more calories, you can check them here.
  • Running boosts your confidence and self-esteem,  because you will feel healthier, happy with your body and more confident.
  • It also relieves stress, it feels so nice after a hard day at school and at the office to just go for a run and leave all your stress behind.


What we love…


Even if that there are many things to take into  account to find the perfect running shoes, who says we could not still find the perfect ones that are also very cute! What we love the most is that there are many brands who really care about good performance and offering many varieties of shoes for each need but that still make cute, nice and beautiful running shoes.

Some of the brands we can mention are Nike, Adidas, Newton, Saucony and Skore... see for yourself and fall in love!


So if you aren’t running at this point, what are you waiting for?


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