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1st bikini : Banana Moon prinslo totem yellow

As you know it now, the first bikini send to our tester is one of Banana Moon bestsellers, the bandeau Totem yellow. This flashy and trendy swimsuit embodies the hippie style wonderfully with ethnic patterns ! For this first experience, our testers have been honest, humorous and full of energy to take good pictures and make nice comments about this product available on Carla Bikini !


carla bikini world


Discover quickly what they think …

#The quality

The + : In general the product knows a big success and the girls think that the quality is very good. Solidity, good support thanks to a self-attaching part and its ties around the neck. Other detail, the bikini is very quick- drying and completely lined to avoid transparency ! Finally, the bikini is very pleasant to wear !

The – : For some Girls, the lining is not enough dark (light yellow) and the bikini may have a nude one.


Marly : 
« I went to the beach on Sunday, i bathed and even with big waves, it remains in place »


Valérie : 
« the ties to maintain the bandeau are made of steel and not of plastic and this ensures quality »

Charlotte : "I would not have brought it because i think the price is too expansive"

#The size

The + : According to our testers, the top fits well to the size on the label and it has removable bust pads very convenient. The comfort is here for little chests but also for ample bosom !

The – : In general, panties are a little tight. The girls advise to go up a size for panties , especially for those who have developped waist.


Virginie : « 
 Panties are great shaped and don’t press the waist »


Nuria : « La parte de arriba me va genial, la parte de abajo me V bastante pequeña… » 

« The top looks well on me, panties are a little too small »



Marly : « panties are a little too small, my size is 36 and i received a 38 thankfully… »


#The color

The + : If the girls were sometimes reluctant to wear a yellow swimsuit, finally they all loved the color ! The tan is brought out and the colored patterns give the swimsuit a hippie look ! The color seems to fit with all kind of skin.

The – : Nothing ! (except if you can’t stand the yellow… and that’s not the case of our bikini testers)

Priska : « In guyana we wear easily colors ! you can’t think about Guyana without thining about diversity, colors, parties. Yellow is the color of sun, a color very trendy for holidays ! In guyana it’s summer all year round ! »


Valérie :
Je cherchais justement un maillot jaune, plutôt peps mais sans tomber dans le côté « gyrophare » et celui-ci est vraiment parfait. »

Anna : « The colors are really fresh and look sexy not even on the brown skin, also fit on the white skin » 



#The form

The + : The form of bandeau top is very convenient because the tie is removable around the neck. The shape is great and the matter comfortable. Bonus for the adjustable ties in the back for all morphologies !

For panties, the little strips by the side give a sexy touch to the swimsuit.

The – : For those who have curves, the stripes by the side of panties are not adapted. For some of our testers panties are not enough low-cut.

Mélodie : « However, for a larger woman the ties by the side of panties make me look like a roast »


Charlotte :  "
it’s a shame for the top that does’nt fit with my form of breast " 



Priska : « 
 You can wear it as a bandeau or add the little ties, not too long so perfect ! »


Conclusion …

As a conclusion, the bikini appeal to our ambassadors and it is a crush for the majority ! There are very few defects and the bikini is perfect for all morphologies. Fall for this wonderful Banana Moon Bikini available on Carla Bikini !

Marly : "
 As a conclusion i am very happy with this product which is wonderful ! It represents my boho chic style with its ethnic patterns, that’s funny because i didn’t have the choice of the product but for sure i would have chose this one ! »




Valérie : « Some little colored patterns emphasize the product and give a hippie chic syle to the bikini. The perforated side are beautiful and original »


Mélodie : « 
The ethnic style is crazy ! »


Anna : "I knew that from all people on the beach i had the best bikini.."

Charlotte : « A
 wonderful bikini with the suggested changes and an over price »

Priska : "In a nutshell, the bikini is adapted to my morphology, the shape is perfect and strong, a little touch of color that reminds me of Brazil, the ties by the side give a sexy touch, on the whole, i think this bikini could fit everybody, it is simple, sexy without being vulgar"

Nuria : « Muy contenta! »
"Very happy !"


I hope that our tester will help you to choose your bikini ! Soon you will discover what our girls think about a second bikini, one from the brand Emmatika ! And above all think about contact us if you want to become a tester for Carla Bikini (send your pictures here : !

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