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If you don’t already know the Carla Bikini’s new project that’s not too late ! This summer, Carla Bikini  specialized in big brands bikinis has decided to choose some lucky girls to become bikinis tester around the world ! This project called Carla Bikini world experience is a unique experience that you can’t miss ! With all these recommendations from all around the world, Carla Bikini has the ambition to share it with you ! In few weeks you will discover what our girls think about the bikini of June !


Carla Bikini World Experience

The bikini world tour

The concept 

Live a special experience !




The Carla Bikini World Experience offers the opportunity to 10 women from all around the world to become Bikini tester ! What is it ? Every month, we will send a swimsuit from different brands to our girls who will have to take a picture with it. After that, they will have to give an objective opinion about the bikini in keeping with their culture, their country and their morphology (form, color, size, quality…) ! Then we will share with you these recommendations so that you can better know our Carla Bikini bestsellers. What better way to choose your bikini for this summer ? Carla Bikini World Experience is a unique project : Share, trends and also a round the world trip !

Our girls :  who are they?

Our team has made a selection of women thanks to social networks from all countries and all types to be part of this experience ! Women from different places, with different morphologies. All women are beautiful and that’s what we want to show with this project ! Let’s go for our world trip




ZOOM in on New Caledonia 

We are leaving for New Caledonia, more exactly at Noumea where is living our tester Virginie! This little island located in the Pacific Ocean is a little paradise where is living Virginie, 38 years old. In this dreamy place, Virginie , pretty brunette is going to show us her culture and her heritage but also her opinion about our bikinis! You can rely on  her to take beautiful pictures ! 

ZOOM in on Costa Rica 

Carolina our beautiful tester comes from Costa Rica ! And we know her well ! Yes, Carolina used to be an intern at Carla Bikini ! Today, she travels around the world to discover new horizons! Happy and all smiley she has decided to give her opinion on bikinis from her country and we are proud! We can't wait to know what she thinks about our swimsuits

ZOOM in on Indonesia 


We are going to Bali to see Aicha ! This 16 yo young woman has accepted the challenge Carla Bikini world experience and will share with you her experience with beautiful picture of her paradise. See you soon to know which swimsuit is the best for Balinese!

ZOOM in on Guyana

We continue our trip around the world and this time we are going for a walk in Guyana! There, in this little "part" of France in South America lives Priska, our Bikini tester! This Guianese and Brazilian young woman  with curly hair will give us her opinion on our big brands bikinis ... and we can't wait ! With her atypical physical , Priska might be very good on her job !  

ZOOM in on Germany

We are now going back to Europe and especially in Germany ! And i am sure you will not be disappointed... Why? Because our tester is Annija Benz, a beautiful model! This young woman with sky blue eyes will turn your head ! We can't wait to receive her recommendations but we have no doubts that our bikinis will fit her perfectly ! 

ZOOM in on Belgium 


Charlotte comes from Belgium but she loves going to Mauritius on holidays ! This very pretty blonde will be happy to share her opinion on our bikinis. Carla Bikini World Experience is not only coconut trees and beaches, it is also a way to discover you whatever is your country! 

Zoom in on Spain 

Head off to the city of party in Catalunya ... yes of course Barcelona ! There we meet Nuria our aventurous ambassador. The young and beautiful Nuria loves travels and often go with Carolina from Costa Rica on her trip! You will have understood, if you want to go to Barcelona with friends on the beach you can't miss her expert advice to choose your bikini ! 

Zoom in on Corsica 

This time we are leaving for the island of Corsia with Valérie, 30 yo. As you can see on her pictures Valérie is very dynamic and cheerful ! She can't wait to test our bikinis and to show us her island! Corsica has a unique heritage, idyllic landscapes and above all a precious quality of life ! We hope that Valérie will be happy with our bikinis

ZOOM in on France

Our first French tester is Marly and she comes directly from Biarritz in the Pyrénées Atlantiques ! Trendy spot of surfers, Biarritz is the best place to be on holidays ! Marly our Carla Bikini world ambassador is doing sport and has an healthy life style , that's why she's perfect for wearing our bikinis ! For those who love thrills like surf be careful with her bikinis advice ! 

ZOOM in on France 

In France we don't have one tester but two tester ! After Marly in Biarritz, Melodie has accepted to become tester for Carla Bikini World Experience ! This young mum who comes from Brittany is our bigger fan, very active on our social networks. Her participation is a pleasure for us ! I am sure she will be a very good ambassador ! 


Bikini of June : a Banana Moon ! 

That was a secret until today but i can’t wait to tell you ! The bikini of June is one of our bestellers from Banana Moon ! Which one ? The bandeau Totem Manya yellow ! With it’s hippie style it will be wonderful on our Carla Bikini world experience testers ! It’s yellow color is perfect on a tanned skin ! If you fall for this swimsuit that’s very simple ! It is already available on Carla Bikini ! We can’t wait to know our testers’ recommendations !




That’s it ! You know everything about Carla Bikini world experience and about our testers ! One swimsuit every month which gonna travel around the world … this is unique ! Be ready to follow this adventure on our social networks very soon…

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