Ah the buttocks, one of our main concerns, before the beach and test the bikini is not ladies? There is the fear of the soft buttock of the panties of horse and cellulite, those small unsightly attributes which us depress already weeks before the big day. Then we take the bull by the horns and we attack the problem at its source! Here are 5 tips to have beautiful ass firm and plump! Do you dream of a Brazilian body, with a train back to unhook all JAWS? Follow our tips for beautiful ass firm and plump and self-confidence at each event!

5 tips for beautiful ass firm and plump!

Conseil 1
Manger sainement et équilibré !

Conseil 2
Changer ses habitudes quotidiennes !

Conseil 3
Se remettre au sport !

Conseil 4
Utiliser les bons soins et le palper-rouler !

Conseil 5
Mettre ses fesses en valeur !

Good nutrition:

To have beautiful firm buttocks, an important part happens in the base. Indeed, this aqueous cellulite on her butt is often due to poor diet, too salty or oily. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the salt that trained at the origin of aqueous cellulite water retention and avoid too much fatty foods, too sweet or high glycemic index. It is they who are at the origin of fat which is stock in the buttocks, then bye bye sodas, candies, pastries and other delights! A square, we eat proteins for muscles, fruits and vegetables draining as leek, pineapple, melon, cabbage, artichoke, Black radish, red fruits and all these fruits conveniently which will be your best allies for a body to die for! We forget to drink water, minimum 1 litre per day, and we love on green tea, draining and moisturizing!

Take good habits!

Which is fine with the buttocks, is that you can work it non-stop! By promoting good reflexes, as favouring the staircase to the lift, mount the steps two or on the tips of feet to work the firmness of the thighs and buttocks, walking as possible per day, in deciding to leave 20 minutes in advance on foot rather than take public transit, and optimize your movements as soon as possible by wearing sneakers to the curved sole , which will be of benefit work your buttocks. There are also simple exercises to do to have buttocks firm and plump, as for example of the sleeve! For this nothing more simple, just you contract the muscles as soon as possible, whether you are sitting at work, in the shower or family meals, you have no excuses! All times are good for getting his buttocks 30 seconds then after small contraction-contraction is to J – Lo butt. There are also small simple to make at home to firm buttocks exercises, but we must be rigorous and practice them every day to see a result!


The secret? Sport, sport, sport.

Of course no secrets! To have firm and plump buttocks, we need to give trouble, suffer and sweat! Then it cracks for a dynamic and motivating, sport which will flush us the head while we rid of cellulite. We bought a step for example to walk in front of the TV for those too busy to go to the gym, or it is his ABS-glutes session every evening. For those who are eager for fresh air, crack for the running, the race being one of the best ways to strengthen the butt! And otherwise, we love sports trends and fun, like the Aqua Bike which additionally decrease cellilute, Latin or Eastern dances, or for the Yog' don't dance, sport new trend and really fun, that you will work your butt at 100%!


Good care 

By dint of sitting all day, the skin of our charming buttocks top weakens and dehydrates. Then it is time to be pampered before the holidays! To do this, I you Council make a scrub twice a week to remove the dead skin, then apply a cream. There are slimming creams if you have a rash Kim Kardashian, or push up creams to help bomber them! I you Council the cream Back Up 3D Serum buttocks effect Push Up the mark Talika for effect enhancing, firm and plump buttocks and a visible reduction of cellulite! To lose weight, regain firm buttocks and reduce cellulite, I you Council the Serum slimming Cellulite infiltrated by Nuxe. If your skin is softer and eased over time, the cream with heating Thermo Sense of Lineance, specially designed for age-related problems of firmness! But the must, to lose, to strengthen and say goodbye to cellulite, it is the slimming moisturizing anti-cellulite Clarins Lift, applied morning and night for 3 weeks and the results are proven, coupled with a balanced diet and some exercise, she lost a few centimeters and reduces cellulite.

Well highlight!

Her dress is maybe not the monk, but it lets do you crazy butt! And that you love! So for a gluteal emphasized, and sublime, we bet on high waist pants which mark the camber on straight skirts or pencils, in order to marry the shape of your body and put your butt in values, but without being too clingy to not be unsightly or vulgar! For the round of us bet on bootcut pants, that balance your figure while conforming to your beautiful butt! Other tricks are still available to you, we can tell you that cheat you me I prefer to say that you have understood: If you have small buttocks and all exercises do they nothing to bounce them, there are push up shorty to remedy this problem, and if your problem is in the other direction, pantyhose shorty, which are increasingly the slimming actions and straightening! Last but not least, the secret of pockets. Indeed, more the pockets of your jeans are large and low, over your butt will look small and flat. Most are small and high, over your butt seem plump and luscious! Then we use these secrets for a body to fall!

 Exercises for Brazilian firm buttocks!

The Council dare Bikini

Firm and plump buttocks

Having beautiful firm buttocks to the beach, it's still essential! Then for our well being and our self-confidence this summer, it motivates now! Apply these tips of the life of every day to strengthen without thinking! And for the more motivated, it darkens at the gym, there are 30 days Squat Challenge, we start a Adi Boxing or the Yog' don't dance for example!



Anti-cellulite recipe ideas.

Petit déjeuner

Un  Muesli de céréale pour les fibres et les nutriments
Des fruits rouge, pour leur bienfait antioxydant et drainant.
Un verre de jus d'orange pressé pour les vitamines
Et voila un petit dejeuner healthy et anti-cellulite !




  • 1 rouleau de pâte brisée
  • Des lardons de saumons fumés
  • 4 oeufs
  • sauce soja
  • De la feta
  • crème fleurette
  • persil
  • poivre

Préchauffez le four Th.6 (180ºC).

Déroulez la pâte dans le moule à tarte, et disposez le saumon.

Mettez quelques gouttes de sauce soja.

Dans un robot, mettez les oeufs, un peu de crème fleurette, du persil et poivrez.

Ajoutez du saumon, de la feta et du persil sur le dessus.

Rajoutez ce mélange dans le plat à tarte et enfournez pendant 45 min à 1 heure.


Favoriser un dîner assez léger
Je vous conseil une salade avec des tomates, des cœurs de palmier, du mais, quelques pois chiche et une vinaigrette alléger au vinaigre balsamique par exemple.
Finissez par un produit laitier ou une pomme.

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After having given everything for firm and plump buttocks remarkable of J – Lo, it is time to show them and be proud! Then we love panties tanga and Brazilian, to put its most beautiful asset in value!



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