Challenge of the Board, one puts!
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You on vacation, you remember as a distant mirage of the many challenges which I told you during the month of May… Ah these complicated challenges and that ailed the body, but remember the Plank challenge! But if the challenge of the Board! And good news for all those who have found excuses, we give you 3 reasons you put this summer, and why not since your towel, indeed it is a sport of very discreet sleeve that you can do at the beach! Instead put you churros and reassemble your sarong to hide your small can, it was decided to take in hand under the coconut trees! And there when worse even landscape for delivery in form, especially that we are asked only a few seconds per day! So, ready to meet the challenge of the Board under the coconut trees, for daring Bikini without complex?



Ready to do the plank for ABS in concrete?


challenge of the Board

Let's do it!

The challenge of the Board, is an exercise to do once a day, for 30 days. Nothing more simple, no? Followed by nearly 800,000 people in the Usa and 200,000 in France, this is exciting! Just a little motivation and a few seconds per day! It targets all the abdominal muscles and the results are quick! When is it expected to be?



challenge of the Board

Objective Bikini

The challenge of the Board is top for those who do not have the time or motivation to go in a gym or want to work specific muscles in record time! One wins in tone, it reinforces all of his abdominal muscles, we work our posture, but it also strengthens arms and legs! Then farewell to our small cuffs of love, and there is the challenge! Even during your small week of vacation, if you stand at the described timing, you will see already a difference!




How to make

challenge of the BoardIt is very simple, the challenge of the Board is based on the technique of the sheathing. Thus, it must be viewed elbows and tips of feet on the ground and stand horizontally bodyforming all muscles of the body! If the first day take 20 seconds will be a torment, the exercises are progressive and your ability will evolve! Rather reassuring first! For do not hurt you, be careful to keep your head in line with the body, the back straight and breathe during the sleeve! So, it's a great exercise to practice on your napkin! And don't be afraid of the gaze of others, they must surely all sleep already, so go, it takes courage in both hands and it starts!





You now have all the cards to create you a bomb to the beach body! Then take the challenge of the Board with me! Ready?

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