Summer is coming soon… it’s definitely time to get in touch with the bikini trends 2016! Of course, it isn’t that easy to find the perfect bikini as there are many different patterns, colours and shapes and you may feel lost! To keep you updated with the bikini trends 2016 we have put together a little recap of swimsuits you must absolutely have in your wardrobe! Although, not everybody loves spending their summer days at the beach, some prefer to travel up to the mountains to look for some cold weather, if that’s what you like to do on your free time, don’t forget to pack up some zip up hoodies

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Bikini trends 2016!

The must haves

Tropical prints

Palm trees, hibiscus flowers, leaves, exotic prints… Tropical Swimwear makes fun and we love it! It gives power to your look and you’ll be very trendy on the beach! As this trend comes in all colours and forms you have the choice! However, the prints are popular to have a “volume” effect – perfect for small breast that appear larger, but to avoid for curvy women. This summer we don’t wait any longer…we drink our mojito at the beach wearing exotic swimsuits and following the bikini trends 2016!

My favourite: The Palm Island bikini by Ripcurl, available at Carla Bikini. It’s a best seller of the brand (we know why!).


Ethnic prints

We’ve already talked about it several times, but we cannot miss talking about summer trends 2016. Of course, I’m speaking of swimsuits with ethnic prints. It’s very trendy this summer and brands like Ripcurl or Seafolly like to play with different patterns and shapes (they prefer the sportswear look). You can wear your bikini bra (preferably a high neck tank top) as a cropped top to be dressed for the evening – it’s Casual Chic (you can even add flash tattoos) and we love!

My favourite: the swimwear bra Kasbah by Seafolly, in black and white, absolutely stylish!


Already seen last summer fluorescent swimwear rests a timeless trend. It’s stylish and bright colours make you want to gild the pill on the beach! Among the signs we have seen them in graphic prints (several neon colours associated), totally fluorescent or just a discrete touch of it. It’s perfect for already tanned skin and highlights the light tan of a clearer skin! It will therefore suit everyone and you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

My favourite: the bikini New Wave fluo by Carla Bikini!

Crochet bikinis and laces

In the romantic-chic movement crochet bikinis are a must have and definitly one of our favorite bikini trends 2016! Either completely crocheted or with a touch of laces, this material is THE trend 2016 with a little old-fashioned side that I particularly like. Here again, it depends on the shape of the swimsuit, it can be used as a small top with denim shorts! In short, the crochet bikini is to adopt without delay!

My favourite: the triangle bikini FEBO beige by Banana Moon for the perfect Indian look!


Highwaist bikinis

It is a flashback to the time when the big Hollywood stars wore high-waisted swimsuits. And yes, this summer the form of mythical swimsuits returns for our delight! It is the height of chic and highlights perfectly the shape of your body … It is definitely the swimsuit that will get you the most value this summer. It is worn in two pieces or in one piece, as you wish. Trend brands revisit them in 2016 with ethnic patterns, fluorescent highlights and strips on the side, to delight the youngest!

My favorite: Khongboon bikini Sardinia, available at Carla Bikini!

Sporty and stylish

While doing sports we’re not very glamorous … we sweat, we’re wearing the first shirt we have found briefly, it can quickly become a nightmare look! So the solution for playing sports on the beach this summer, it is to adopt a swimsuit sport-chic that is suitable for thrills (surfing, kite boarding, kayaking …) but remains cool and trendy.

That’s what the Australian brand SEAFOLLY has understood by offering super trendy sportswear bikinis which are carried by the sublime and athletic GIGI HADID!! Basically we are very very eager to wear one of their bikinis to do what? ah yes, doing sports!

My favorite: the bomb cropped veste by Ripcurl, so practical!


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