The period after year’s end celebrations means new resolutions and the ones that always come back are diet and losing the weight taken during this -wonderful- period to be perfect in our bikini or swinwear this summer. For the year 2019, Carla Bikini  gives you the best to be on top.

Sports & Phone applications: everything you need to know.


In this digital era, there’s no need to spend hundreds of euros to stay fit. You can simply download a sport app on your smartphone and exercise wherever you are and for free. Made by professional sport coaches, more and more of them are available, and everyone can find its fit: cardio, running, fitness or yoga, you choose! Define your objectives and you can start your session. Each day, they offer you small exercises to stay fit and tone up (and get rid of the excess). They can send you notifications to stay motivated, better, they keep track of your training for better results (and motivation).

You could also get inspiration on Instagram from fitgirls who give really good advice and/or you could follow our simple and basic advice that work!

Go get your beautiful sport outfit and let’s do it!

Bonus advice: you can buy yourself a watch that have a pedometer function, why?  You must make at least 10.000 step a day, and believe us, it really does motivate you to reach your objective!

Balanced and regular diet are the keywords of 2019


Yes, we know that it may sound logical but having a healthy diet is essential in order to lose the kilos taken during Christmas. Au revoir le foie-gras, bonjour vegetables. Better than a diet, people cannot stop talking about this rebalancing dietary. Since we are good people, at Carla Bikini’s, we believe you should try this proven method that has been elected best diet of the year* for 6 years straight, the DASH diet. Invented by researchers in order to reduce blood pressure, it had been proven that you could also lose weight thanks to that diet. It is also adapted for everybody. What’s better than that to prepare your body for your swimwear of this summer?

What is the DASH diet anyway?

Like the Mediterranean diet, it consists of eating more fruits and vegetables, a little less dairy and cereals products and favorize poultry/fish meat rather than red meat. Furthermore, greasy and sugary food are really limited. There are 3 energetics levels (numbers of kcal consumed per day):

  • 1600 kcal
  • 2000 kcal
  • 2600 kcal

Here’s a small gift, although It’s not Christmas anymore, an easy and fast DASH recipe!


Bell pepper turkey emince :

  • Turkey escalopes’: 4
  • Tomatoes: 6
  • Garlics: 2
  • Bell pepper: 2
  • Olive oil: 6 table spoons
  • Chiseled parsley: 1 table spoon
  • Pepper


  • Wash the tomatoes and bell peppers, remove the seeds and cut them in dice. Peel and mince the garlic.
  • Heat some of the oil in a pan, add the garlic, tomatoes and the bell peppers. Put some pepper on top, stir it then cover it for 20 min on low heat. Stir it from time to time.
  • Cut the turkey escalopes in small strips. Heat the remaining oil in a frying pan, pull the turkey in, let it cook for a minute then lower the eat and let it cook for 8 minutes while stirring it from time to time. When ready, add them to the vegetables and put parsley on top.

*According to US news & World Report magazine.

Don’t forget that you can add as much spices as you want, that will help you keep on going and change the taste of your food.

For this new year 2019, Carla Bikini’s team wish you a lot a good thing and send you a lot of courage to keep up with your new year’s resolutions. 😉

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