Even if you work very hard during those hours at gym or training, results not only depend on the amount of time you workout, but also what you eat after it and this also affects how you recover. eat right will definitely give you better results and make the  sweat and all the effort totally worth for not and not being nule by eating poorly or not eat anything after.

Here are 7 foods that we recommend eating after training, there are many more but at least to give you some ideas. Remember that the most important thing is to EAT! Do not miss eating after your workout because this is not good for your body. It is advisable to wait at least 15 minutes after exercise to eat something but not more than 2 hours.

7 Post Workout Food

#7  Salmon



Salmon asides from being the number one natural source of vitamin D, its iron provides lots protein that helps synthesize muscle tissue after a hard workout. It is more difficult to build and define muscles if the vitamin D is low, so eating salmon also helps a lot. Besides, the omega 3 found in salmon helps to rebuild muscles and increase endurance.


#6 Tomato Juice



When you exercise like running or biking, you’re not only losing fluids, you’re also sweating and leaving out electrolytes such as sodium or potassium. An eight-ounce glass provides an average of six times and a half the sodium and 15 times the potassium you would get from your standard sports drink.

#5 Blueberries



Blueberries are perfect to give you an antioxidant boost. There are even studies showing that they can triple our rate of recovery after a workout.

#4  Bananas



When we exercise our body loses carbohydrates that are part of the energy we need to recover so we are not weak. The advantage of eating bananas after a workout, is that carbohydrates in bananas are fast acting and will help restore glycogen levels in your body and rebuild damaged muscles. They also provide much potassium.

Bananas are rich in “good” types of carbohydrates that we need after working out. These fast-acting carbohydrates will help restore your body’s levels of glycogen, which helps rebuild damaged muscles. And they provide a lot of wonderful potassium.

#3 Almonds and dry fruit


If you do not have much time and you’re busy. A handful of almonds can be the solution. Almonds are also a source of quick protein and carbohydrates as well as dry fruits and nuts.


#2  Eggs


We have mentioned several times proteins and carbohydrates and it is no coincidence, it is because this is the key to accompany a good post workout meal. Eggs have this covered. We must take into account that cooked eggs allow your body to absorb almost twice  protein than raw eggs.

#1 Water


It seems obvious, but we often forget to hydrate after exercise, and believe it or not the body continues to loose fluids through sweat and urine even after you have finished a session. The re-hydrate during exercise helps us feel good and energized.

If you’re one kilogram lighter after training, you should drink 1.5 liters of water in the next 6 hours and can accompany them with any of the above foods.

But the MOST important!!!!

¡Eating! After a hard workout where you have lost many energy, it is necesary to win it back. This will give you the best results and will take the best out of your training, but above all, it will keep you healthier and healthier. 

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