They say that what is important is on inside and reason not lacking because do you've given account that we are constantly taking care of our physical appearance (makeup, hair salon every month, shoes, new clothes…)? (y la lista es infinita) but often with haste and lack of interest we forget to take care of what really makes us operate, our inside? If you want to take the plunge and do not know where you start a diet detox is the best solution.


From time to time there to do a reset and purify us inside to remove all those toxins that can cause long-term health problems. These toxins entering your body to breathe air filled with pollution, eating junk food, smoking or ingesting products that inside the body interact and are transformed into relatively harmful components. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate these toxins to start from zero to a much healthier lifestyle.

But NOO you are gross or you obsessions to get results immediately! Since this is not going to help, if not quite to the contrary, do it gradually and start first with a diet detox to follow later with a healthy diet, think that the body is an agency and need to adapt to the changes.

There are people who are starting to notice the benefits of followed and others on the other hand, not just adapt. If this is your case and notes that the diet is not sitting too well to you, gives you too hungry or feel weak, it is best to listen to your body and stop the regime or visit to a dietitian/doctor who you take control, since he remembers that the first thing is your health.


Detox comes from the word Detox since its main objective is the naturally eliminating those toxins that accumulate in our interior to the habits of life little healthy or by simple environmental pollution.

Therefore, the diet detox is a diet low in carbohydrates, fiber and characteristic for a consumption of plenty of water that is mixed in the form of smoothies with fresh vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, and other foods such as artichokes, beets, cauliflower, rice and all kinds of legumes, nuts, seeds and fruit-based.


You regularly eat fast food, you smoke, or simply breathe all the filth and pollution that has air. These daily activities make your body metabolizes increasingly worse chemicals that you eat until sick.

These are some of the symptoms that can advertise the need for detox cleansing:

Swelling, fatigue, ease of resfirarse (weak immune system), digestive problems, allergies or eczema, mismatch hormonal, among others.


In fact, a study conducted by the Institute in the heart of the Centre medical Intermountain, in Utah, ensures that carry out this type of diet reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and help regulate cholesterol levels.


#1. Eliminating toxins and liquids which do not suit you and which make you feel bloated.

#2. To improve the interior you'll be improving your outdoors without realizing and others also are going to notice.

#3. You will feel better physically and emotionally.

#4. You habituarás you to healthier diet and lifestyle.


#1. A diet is not an obligation, simply is a tool that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

#2. Do not do it simply because it is fashionable. Remember that not everyone is equal, that every body is different and therefore need different other things. So the diet fits your needs and do not compare yourself with others.




#1. The desintoccicacion can be the start to a healthier diet.

#2. Detox Diet adapts to your lifestyle that is balanced and does not lack any essential nuetriente.

#3. If you're a sporty person, try to reduce the rate of exercise during the days of Detox, since to do sport you need to eat more calorie diets that give you energy and help you maintain the mass musculuar. If it isn't, you could eventually lose muscle mass and injury among other things and this is not the aim of the diet.

#4. Avoid doing this type of diet during the period since you lose many minerals and need to feed yourself well to not suffer anaemia or dizziness.

#5. Nutritionists recommend that detox diets are of short duration (between 3 and 5 days) and, if necessary, should be at most once or twice a year, since it's a restrictive diet and if abused they lose nutrients, muscle mass and can also take its toll on our mood.


And here my beaten favorite detox

 I recommend you try it because it is delicious and if you see yourself that dieting does not mean eating little, stop eating or eat bland things, for nothing! If not simply change foods and habits such as consuming them.

You will see you love!


And if even you've been wanting to know more about the detox, I leave the following blog that my I love it because you can find all kinds of recipes, tips and tricks to maintain a healthy diet as well either during the detox or later.


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