Blue eyes are really beautiful! But it is not always easy to find the best shade of eye shadow that will make them stand out. Yes, blue eyes do not agree with all colors. It’s like everything, there are colors that suit us better than others depending on our skin, the color of our hair …

If some of you already know how to play with colors, mascara and kohl to beautify your eyes, that’s great! For others who don’t, here is a series of recommendations to master the art of makeup for  blue eyes 🙂

According to the professional makeup artist at Sephora, Amy Schuma, for the Huffington Post, there are 3 different shades of blue eyes, and the makeup you should use depends on it:

«There is light blue or ‘ice blue’, with tones of light blue and silver; gray blue, with shades of blue, gray and a little green, and sometimes yellow; and dark blue, with shades of black and light blue. »

Choosing the right colors for your blue eyes

It can look a little bit like art school but this is made very simple to use! You can find the color that matches your eyes with a color wheel. It will show you which colors will go perfectly with a particular color. So it is very convenient to find your color, whether for eye shadow or clothing! Here is a glimpse of a color wheel.


color wheel


To find the color that fits you perfectly, just take the colors that are totally opposite (or in front) of the color blue on the color wheel! You can not go wrong. And once again, no doubt, you will draw in warm colors including orange!

Amy Schumer created beautiful illustrations for the Huffington Post that show different shades of blue and also many beautiful makeup tips. We’ll talk a look at them later, but first, here are the different colors to use if you have blue eyes, according to the color wheel!

The blue eyes Must Haves!

#1 The coppery tones

As was said a little earlier, it is advisable to wearr warm and coppery tones for blue eyes. These tones will make your eyes shine at time! In addition, these colors are very easy to match with your hair and clothes, it’s  that cool?

#2 The neutral browns and orange bronze

They are sublime colors and ideal to wear in smokey! No fashion don’ts with these colors, your makeup will be on top!

#3 Orange brown and light coral

These colors will allow you to create contrast in no time! J’adore! In addition, I find that the coral color makes you look amazing.  This would be a shame to miss 🙂

#5 Dark brown

This is one of my favorite colors! It contrasts with the clear blue of your eyes, enough to give the look a sexy touch! We will only see the color of your eyes! We advise you to wear a more neutral lipstick, to not load the look.

#6 Gold

Gold is suitable for many people and off course people with blue eyes too! It brings a light touch to your look. This color can also bring out the best of your eyes! And make them look sublime!

#7 Black and brown mascara

And yes, no matter the color of your eyes, we always end our makeup with mascara! Blue mascara must be avoid! Blue eyes favor black or brown  mascara to enhance and enlarge your eyes.

What to avoid…

There are two colors to avoid. First the blue, just because we want to avoid the effect tone on tone! If you want to wear blue, it is imperative that it is different from the tone of your eyes at the risk of completely turn off your look …

The other color is pink! Indeed, the pink color does not specifically flatters the blue eyes. Furthermore, the pink also could exacerbate the redness of your face, especially if you have a pale complexion.

Examples of best makeup for blue eyes:

Here are some examples showing you how to wear makeup depending on the blue of your eyes.

*Illustrations Amy Schumer and suggestions from Huffington Post

Light blue eyes

Amy Schumer recommends applying a rich blush in shades of neutral brown and orange-bronze to create smoky eyes! (If you do not master the art of smoky, I suggest you read this!) This will add depth to your look!


maquillage yeux bleus

Grey blue eyes

Amy recommends all orange-brown and coral colors to make contrast. Keep the orange on the upper eyelid and apply brown on the lower eyelid and not the opposite, which might strain your eyes.


yeux bleus

Dark blue eyes

A dark brown and navy blue liner: a perfect combination!
Black eyeliner is good too but will not outshine the blue of your eyes. Throw then brown or coral blush to give more light.


yeux bleus maquillage

What we love the most!

What we like the most is the smoky eyes! It will bring out your eyes and will make them look more beautiful. In addition, you can play with different colors and see which one goes better!

This is one of our favorites tutorials because it shows you step by step how to achieve the perfect smoky eyes, and the end result is to die for! She plays with bronze tones, orange / coral, everything you need for blue eyes.

If you like this smokey eye, we also invite you to watch our last post on the different beautiful smokey eyes and the step by step on how to get it perfect!  You will see how to have a perfect smoky eyes and different ways to play with colors and shadows.

So, are you ready to show the world your beautiful blue eyes? I’m sure you are!


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