Did you get some curves from your student life’s fast foods ? Did you go on too far with the pudding on Christmas day ? And now your bikini doesn’t fit as it should ? The Carla-Bikini Team has the solution to get your confidence back by picking the right bikini for your body type !

Let’s start with some advice about body types and how to choose the best swimsuit to turn you into a real sea goddess 😎

You are a pear

People call you Queen B when you strut up your walk in front of everybody ? That’s legit , you have a pear body shape, the most frequent one for women 😉

To get things cleared up, it means that your hips are wider than your shoulders. It also means you tend to store fat (sneaky peanut butter) around your butt. But don’t panic, I’ve got it all planned !

The idea to highlight your assets is to draw attention to the top part of your body, in order to rebalance it. Indeed, you can pick a bright or embossed top. If you haven’t been spoiled in the breast area, I advise you choose a V-neck, a boat neck or simply any open collar. For your bum, avoid horizontal stripes in order not to make it even bigger.

Pick a swimsuit…

  • top: rather padded and push-up to give your more volume: The Carla-Bikini Team suggests you pick a push-up top, or a triangle but only if it’s shaped of ruffles.
  • bottom: preferably dark, black, deep blue or else, pretty covering for a sculpting effect. This way, you’ll get the illusion your butt is smaller !
  • one piece: I say yes ! it will obviously enhance your curves.

…to pair with the Emmatika Black shorty.


a pretty Dorina Balconnet


A beautiful trikini Phax.


You are an inverted triangle

A real sport goddess, you try to stay fit and everyone can see it: you’re an inverted triangle 🙂

You have a lean and sporty silhouette and your shoulders are wider than your hips. In other words, you didn’t skip on your late Wednesday crawl session. The goal for you is to soften you athlete silhouette. You can wear every type of pattern in order to be the most stylish.

Pick a swimsuit…






body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-brassiere-banana-moon-nairobi-touho-marine-indigo                body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-carla-bikini-bandeau-pretty-sandbar-multicolore


  Your are an apple

You are a pulpy woman who looks like she’s from Ancient Rome? Your curves match with model Tess Holliday’s ? Looks like you have an apple body shape !

Indeed, the apple body shaped woman has curves, a large tummy, rounded shoulders et quite mostly, important breasts.  If this is your case, your goal will be to sublimate these curves by enhancing your assets. In order to do that, you can mitigate plumpness by wearing dark colours but still wear a small amount of bright ones. I also advise you to avoid large patterns. You can opt for  V-neck tops to enhance your chest.    

Pick a swimsuit…

  • top: a balconette swimsuit which perfectly holds your breasts so you can turn your diva-mode at the beach on. You can also choose a tankini to be more covered. You should avoid triangle shape, unless the straps are wide and solid. Otherwise, the support wouldn’t be great.
  • bottom: rather high-waisted panties to refine your booty et sublimate it ! However, try to avoid bright colours and horizontal stripes. For example you can wear the Dorina Shorty Archipelago.   
  • one piece: totally ! pick a low neckline to emphasise your breasts. The benefit of a one piece swimsuit is that it will flatten your belly if you don’t want to show it. For example you can choose the Curvy Kate 1 Piece Galaxy or the Miradonna 1 Piece Blue Swimsuit Flower Nemesis.

body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-culotte-haute-curvy-kate-galaxy-noir   body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-balconnet-dorina-archipelago-noir            body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-1-piece-miradonna-blue-flowers-nemesis-bleu


You are an hourglass

The “ideal” body shape, the hourglass woman is harmonious. A thin silhouette, a defined waist, your shoulders and hips are of equal size and you probably have a small chest.

Your are the luckiest of all, you can wear anything you want 😍. Low necklines, coloured prints, if it suits you, you’ll be amazing. The Carla-Bikini Team is sure of it.

Pick a swimsuit…

body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-trikini-luli-fama-sailor-s-kiss-blanc body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-bandeau-billabong-mix-mash-rouge              body-shape-carla-bikini-de-bain-tanga-emmatika-flowers-dala-rose hape-carla-bikini-beach-bunny-multicolor-trikini-swimsuit-bunny-basic-gold-foil-palm


Your are a full hourglass

  Very close to the usual hourglass body type, you are chubbier. Your body’s harmonious, you have important breasts and a defined waist. Lots of women want to be a full hourglass 😉

As for the last silhouette, you can wear anything, and your goal is to mark the waist. Therefore, choose a cut that enhance you, for exemple a wrap front cut. It will make your bust look lovely. Don’t forget to wear bright colours and patterns !

Pick a swimsuit…

  • top: a good support is the key to keep a Kim Kardashian’s silhouette ! Choose a low neckline balconette to attract attention. If you prefer a triangle shape, the straps must be wide and solid.
  • bottom: more or less bikini shorts if you don’t really like your behind. Try to avoid bikini panties if the straps are too thin. Go for it if the design is original !
  • one piece: totally. If you have curves which you don’t want to show, it will underline your curves whereas you’ll be sexy. A pretty low neckline, if it isn’t vulgar, won’t be too much 🙂



You are a rectangle

Your shoulders are in the same alignment as your hips, you waist is thinly marked: you are a rectangle, like actress Candice Accola King ! Rather sporty, you have a slim and slender silhouette.

Your goal is to create the illusion that your waist is marked and thin. The Carla-Bikini Team advises you to avoid too wide clothes. However, you can enable low neckline if you have small breasts.

Pick a swimsuit…

  • top: balconette or triangle, you can enjoy everything as long as it’s voluminous and colourful. A bandeau would be great if it’s original, with ruffles or patterns. Consequently, it can’t be a basic black bandeau, for example.
  • bottom: i advise you to pick a colourful bikini bottom , with for example floral patterns, or with horizontal stripes to give the illusion of a wider pelvis.
  • one piece: a trikini would be great to refine your silhouette, especially if it’s crossed on the front part.

Last chance to be perfect !

I know what you’re going to tell me, how do I pick a swimsuit if I’m beet red  ? No worried, we’ve got it all planned at Carla-Bikini to match your skin tone to your swimsuit 🙂

> You have a white skin that needs self-tanner

You’re told you look like a ghost at the beach too? I have what you need to be gorgeous even with after sun cream 🙂

  • If you tend to get red easily, choose pastel colours  , like turquoise or pink, or dark colours. It will contrast with the palemess of your skin. However, I suggest you not to get a red or orange swimsuit, you’ll understand why…
  • If you tend to tan with difficulty without being red , wear bright colours to contrast with your skin tone, or dark colours. Try to avoid pale colours.


> You have a golden skin  

Your are part of the lucky ones, you always look tan . 🙂
Indeed, you can wear warm colours, like yellow, orange or red.

The bonus point: chocolate and golden brown colours will emphasize your tanned skin.

> You have a matte to dark skin that does not need self-tanner

Self-tanner and bronzing powder are too products you definitively don’t need. And your asset is that you can wear any colour you want !

Moreover, if you wish to make yourself stand out, wear bright colours that will contrast with you skin. This way, you’ll be the queen of the beach. 😎

Bonus point for those who just can’t…

Black and chocolate fit every skin tone. So if you’re not sure about yours, you can go for it  !

body-shape-carla-bikini-Campaign for Real Beauty

Source : “Real Beauty” Dove Campaign

More importantly, don’t forget that even if you’re a little too curvy, a little to skinny, beet red or that you have the feeling your hips can’t seem to let you get through the doors, you are free to wear what pleases you. Wear what makes you feel pretty, no matter what. Your self-confidence and your smile stay your finest apparel  !

Go check out Carla-Bikini’s website  to see new arrivals and SALES !!




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