I used to wear my hair the same way every single day… straight, a little wavy, straight, a little wavy… BORING! That all changed when I saw the first video hair tutorial! I couldn´t believe what I was missing, so many great ways to have your hair look amazing and that in matter of minutes you could have your hair transformed from DUH… to WOW!

When I started watching video hair tutorials I kept looking for different ones from time to time and attempted the ones on myself that I really like. Off course at the beginning it doesn´t look exactly like the video but with a bit of practice your hair could look amazing! What I love about hair tutorials is that those hairstyles definitely give something to talk about, you stand out, it looks like you put a lot of effort but at the same time it looks simple and flawless… it was nice to step out of my hair down and switch it up a bit with updos and texture.


hair tutorials

Why these are the best hair tutorials?

It is a matter of opinions, but I will tell you why I think these are some of the best (because I am sure there are many others out there)…

  • You actually understand how to make them!
  • These are tutorials from fashion bloggers so they really know about this and have fresh ideas!
  • No matter if the tutorial is on a different language than yours, the most important here is the video and the images, the images talk by themselves.
  • They are presented in a clean, nice, way, and the vloggers really inspire you to try them yourself!
  • There is one for every occasion! These are the best because these are for very different occasions and really different goals  which will give you a nice idea of what you can do with your hair.


Let´s cut to the chase, 6 amazing video tutorials !


#1  6 simple ones, for your everyday needs! 

It is always nice to have options for your everyday needs, for when you go to school, to work, out with friends, or with your date. What I like about this tutorial is that it doesn´t show the most typical hairstyles you see on the web, they are unique, and its simplicity is what makes them beautiful. It is also great that I think this could work with any kind of hair so you can adapt it to yours.

Check her Channel: MakeupWearables Hairstyles



#2  Headband, because it looks too pretty to resist! 

These headbands look SO beautiful! I just love them! It is the typical hairband with 4 variations to add a little something different every time. It will look very chic on you and it is the perfect way to add a little change to your hair down and make it look more special.

Check her Channel: Missy Sue



#3  Perfect waves with heat


Don´t you want the perfect beach wavy hair? I know I do! I like this tutorial because it has the perfect end look that I pictured on my mind! This tutorial uses heat, so this depends on which you want to use heat or not. These are the waves I like and depending on your hair it will look different but it is nice to know how to get to it. Beach here I come!

Check her Channel: Alexandrea Garza



#4  And in case you want to avoid the heat… Perfect waves without heat

There is a solution for everyone. I know some of you may not like to use the heat all the time, me neither, so I can protect my hair… so here is a really nice alternative that will create kind of a different style of waves but the results are amazing!

Check her Channel: Vivian V



#5  Why settle with  a simple bun when you can have a perfect messy cute one! 

And off course the buns! I LOVE BUNS! They are perfect for many occasions but the most important, when I really really want to have my hair up very quick!  Here, you will learn how to do different buns and you can pick your favorite one and cherish it forever!

Check her Channel: Kalyn Nicholson



But… my favorite one <3 is…


For when you are running late!


I think even the most punctual person in the world has been rushing some day in the morning, and this could happen to us often, not only in the mornings but if you just have a busy day and don´t want this to prevent from you looking fabulous! The reason I like this is that it is amazing how something so SIMPLE can look so PRETTY! The ideas here are great and you can really apply them easily and look gorgeous!  Check out what I am talking about:

Check her Channel: Tess Christine



Before you begin…

I know you are really in a hurry to start trying these hairstyles which are really cute! But it is important to be a prepared woman and you might want to know what you would need in order to begin.  The beauty about these tutos is that in some cases you won´t need anything to do them, and in others it is just things you already have at home or that you can get really easily.

There are even hair survivor kits (genious!) for you to have on your hand at all times. These kit has everything you need for a hair emergency or just to make your hair look more gorgeous. You can buy this kit in a store or you can also make it yourself with the tools you preffer the most or that are better for your hair. In this case, this is the survival kit you will need in order to do ANY of those tutorials, if you have this at home, the possibilities are endless!, you just need a little effort and creativity!


hair survival kit


Now you get why these are my favorite ones? I am sure you are dying to try these at home! 🙂


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