In a life where we are active, we try to keep us busy and we have our important social agenda, it is very likely in the mornings touch you run more than once to get somewhere on time. It is that you’re busy, don’t have much time or you simply like it simple, we are presenting these pretty and elegant that you can do in 5 minutes or less (once you have already taken the thread). These hairstyles are not only easy to do if not that give you a look edgy and modern and that extra touch to your hair, where not only is straight or curl, if you don’t have something more special, worth stealing glances.

Hairstyles in 5 minutes!

I am sure that they you will love these hairstyles, plays a little practice to know if it works with our type of hair or to give you our personal style, but these images will guide you step by step so you can achieve the look. No matter if you have long or short hair curl or laciom most work for each type and you will save a lot in the mornings or for an appointment in the evening. Definitely give what talk and your friends will ask you tricks to bring the hair as well. Check them out!

















List to look amazing! I’m sure that in a couple of days you’ll be all an expert 🙂

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